How to Feel Younger and Healthier in Just 30 Days



A new study shows that more than eight in ten persons of us we are not getting enough choline (a B vitamin) that every cells in our body needs to function normal.

How to Feel Five Years Younger
A daily dose of 400 mg choline can improve your sleep ease your stress and reduce your fatigue and achiness; that will make you feel five years younger.

Choline speed the healing of your cells and give to your tissue the necessary nutrients.

How to Cut Your Breast Cancer Risk by 25%

By eating just one choline rich egg daily, is enough to cut your risk of breast cancer by 17%. Adding this to the daily 450 mg of choline from other foods, your risk will drop by 25%.

Choline helps breast cells to divide properly, preventing the glitches that allow tumours to built-up.

How to Reduce Your Damaging Inflammation by 20%

Vitamin B can reduce your artery-damaging inflammation by 20% in just two weeks. Choline converts inflammatory compounds into harmless molecules that are going to be flush out through your kidneys.

How to Sharpen Your Memory
Choline is very important for your brain is makes it work properly. This can improve your mood, your concentration and your memory.

How to Reverse Your Liver Damage
People who eat a diet rich in choline are less likely to develop fatty liver disease. If, you have already a fatty liver, taking choline will help reverse your damage.

The daily-recommended dose of choline is 450 mg. You can take supplements or you can eat choline rich foods: beef (222 mg per 60Oz), chicken breast (180 mg), whole eggs (150mg).Before starting to take supplements go and check with your doctor.