Unhappiness in Love is Bad for Your Health

Your marriage is not what it once was. You two argue all the time, every conversation ending with slamming doors and refuse to see each other for the next hours.

Unhappy Couple
Unhappy Couple

You recognize yourself in this situation?

Then maybe you should know that this attitude is not only unfavorable for your marriage but can also pose serious health risks.

Social relationships are an essential part of a person’s health and specialized studies confirm this thesis. Among the many emotional benefits acquired in a happy social relationship there is also a health benefit and according to experts, people who have a happy relationship have a longer life expectancy.

However, when happiness is replaced with misunderstandings, disputes and unhappiness, the benefits disappear and appear a series of troubles that lead to major health problems.

Among them we can mention:

  • 1| Stress
  • 2| Sleeping Problems
  • 3| Poor Health
  • 4| Difficult Recovery
  • 5| Depression
  • 6| Weight Excess

1| Stress:

A study published several years ago in “Journal of Sexual Medicine” shows that people who have sex regularly are happier in their relationships and are more satisfied with their life in general.

Sex is unfortunately just one aspect of a relationship. Any other dissatisfaction about the partner can reflect on your general health, increasing your stress level. Whether there are daily talks about chores, quarrels regarding family budget or simple disputes where to go on your vacation trip, all of them will increase the stress levels. Moreover, the stress caused by poor relationship of a couple also puts its mark on the job. According to a study published in “the Annals of Behavioral Medicine”, quarrels and misunderstandings between partners affects this aspect and the results show that those who face such problems were more stressed at work, having high blood pressure and high levels of cortisol.

It is well known that these factors contribute in time to obesity, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal disease and ultimately heart attack and stroke.

2| Sleeping Problems:

To sleep with your loved one, it helps you to relax and to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

However, a poor relationship can affect this important aspect of life and misunderstandings between partners may alter inevitably the rest. Many studies show that people who have problems in a relationship sleep less, thus failing to rest. So, beyond the health problems caused, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, lack of sleep can aggravate the couple problems, giving rise to a vicious circle.

3| Poor Health:

A study carried out several years ago found that women involved in a relationship with daily conflict have a higher risk of experiencing high blood pressure, obesity, and high blood sugar.

Couples, who tend to argue frequently, at least 30 minutes have weak immune systems, compared to those involved in relationships where they have a positive attitude on solving their problems.

Studies also show without any doubt that a stable and fulfilling relationship is beneficial to mental health of partners and a difficult relationship has the opposite effect. Criticism and hostility, two common negative attitudes usually manifested during conflicts between partners are regarded as having a negative impact on mental health. According to the study published in “the Journal of Health and Social Behavior”, single people are much healthier in this regard than those who chose to remain in a tumultuous relationship. Moreover, separations and transitions from one relationship to another are also not favorable, and according to research conducted in 2004 and published in “the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health”, a woman who has been through several divorces and breakups are facing a deficient mental health.

4| Difficult Recovery:

Relationships that are dominated by misunderstandings are often associated with increased illness symptoms and also affect the recovery process. A study shows that women suffering from breast cancer and having an unhappy marriage, have not only a high level of stress but the effectiveness of treatment is slow, and patients find the compliance with a healthy lifestyle to be quite difficult.

5| Depression:

A happy and fulfilling relationship may improve symptoms in cases of depression, yet this serious condition can be amplified when happiness and understanding is replaced by daily disputes. A specialized study shows that a woman who was betrayed by partner shows a six times higher risk of reaching the brink of depression than if the situation would have been reversed and she would have been the unfaithful one in the couple.

6| Weight Excess:

It is said that people who are involved in a serious relationship end up not to pay so much attention to their silhouette and a study in 2012 confirms this assumption.

When they get married, most couples gain weight, and if they divorce, will definitely lose weight. However, it is quite possible that things also happen vice versa. Thus, partners can motivate each other to keep themselves in a good physical shape and have a generally healthy life.

When they gain weight, this can actually be a symptom of very serious problems in their relationship. Disagreements can make them eat uncontrollably, emotional and have trouble sleeping, which also leads to a considerable weight gain.

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