Anti-Aging Tricks

Feeling Young

Senior Couple Taking Pictures

We all know that dieting a little bit and exercising a little more can put brakes on aging.

The latest studies show that the key for a long and healthy life is using a few tricks.


Selenium can keep us energetic helping us dodges heart disease. Selenium is a mineral that increase production of enzymes witch flush out the free radicals from our system. Eating tuna will help you or take supplements.

Work out

Study show that women regularly engage in energetic workouts, like bike or treadmill or simply up the stairs erase up to10 years of their skin appearance..

Drink beer

One glass of beer daily is relaxing and opens blood vessels helping the heart function and increase the flow of nutrients in entire body. In plus reduce risk of strokes and brain aging. If you do not drink beer, drink a glass of red wine, the effect is the same..


Who is going out regularly with their friends or on a date is more likely to slow the aging process.

When you socialize production of oxytocin hormone is increase and the risk of hart attacks decrease. Staying social can add 10 years or more to your life..

Keep your mind young

Brown rice, wheat cereal, black peas and almonds are powerful tools against aging.

These kinds of food increase immunity and actually reverse the aging inside of the brain..

Stay positive, think young

Researches show that thinking and feeling young keep aging process away. This is happening because you look outside in the way you feel inside. Spend time with your children play with them or play with your pet, feel young..