How to Prevent Your Brain Aging


Living a Healthy Life

Life is only one-way street. Once we were born, it begins the aging process.

During your growth and development, this process is positive. All cells in your body regenerate rapidly, appearing more new cells than those that die.

But there comes a time when your body reaches its peak and the aging process enters in the negative phase. Fewer new cells are born than die. This is the true and “ugly” phase of aging. As your body is aging, your brain is aging too.

All parts and surfaces of your brain, such as “hippocampus” and “cortex” begin an irreversible shrinking process. Even the vital communication between neurons (synapses) in the nervous system decrease, leading to a slowing of your brain activity.

Brain inflammation and free radical damages may occur because blood vessels become narrower especially arteries leading to a decrease of blood flow and oxygen supply.

You need to preserve your brain and prevent its early aging. There are several ways to do that.


An old Latin proverb says “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”, translated “a sound mind in a healthy body”.

A sedentary life is completely wrong and can be dangerous for your health and even for your life. Take an active lifestyle and practice regularly physical exercise.

Exercise makes your heart pump increasing the blood flow and also the amount of oxygen for your brain. Your brain will function at an optimal level.

The best kind of exercise is a combination of aerobic and weight training. However, it is wise to start these exercises gradually under supervision. Otherwise, uncontrolled effort can lead to adverse effects of our goal.
Brain Tips

Brain Games

Prevent Your Brain Aging


Your brain as any other organ of your body needs nutrition to function properly. Only an adequate nutrition can keep your brain to its full potential.

A good and healthy diet is a diet rich in whole grains (for fibers), nuts (for antioxidants) and vegetables. This diet increases your brain’s ability to function properly.

Also, a diet rich in vegetables will increase intake of Vitamin “E”, which is known to play an important role in prevention of memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.

Use Your Brain:

Do not let in any way that your brain to “rust”. Surf the internet, read again your preferred books, learn a language, solve puzzles, play word games, watch movies, etc.

You will prevent your brain to age and you will prevent also, the memory loss. Play strategy games online or perhaps you prefer to challenge your friend to a game of chess.


Exclude loneliness. Maintain relationships with your family and friends. Only in this way, you can keep your common memories alive and you will prevent any loss of memory.

Reduce Stress:

Stress is an extremely dangerous factor that can cause irreversible damages to your brain.

The stress hormone (cortisol) is responsible for your brain cell damage and loss of memory by default. Not to mention a difficulty in concentration.


Along nourishment sleep is one of the most important factors in preventing an early aging of the brain.

You need to know that depression is due to a lack of sleep. If you want to have a healthy brain and a sharp mind then you have to fight by all means, against insomnia.


Your brain is in fact, your personality, your self. Maintaining an active brain will improve your quality of your life. Follow these above tips and your brain will function at full potential. In fact, to be old is not a disease but a state of mind. If you have a sharp mind and a healthy brain, you can be full of life until an old age.