Home Remedies for Aging Skin

As we age, our body begins to experience physical changes. There are many obvious signs of aging such as loss of height, decrease of vision, muscle loss, fat redistribution and of course, wrinkles. In fact, we can speak only of wrinkles. Our skin is changing. Besides wrinkles and other signs of age, begin to appear. Among them, we can mention age spots, scarring, sagging and blotchiness.

Of course, there are many expensive and painful procedures related to cosmetic surgery, with very good results.

However, before resorting to skin treatments and cosmetic surgery, why not try some home remedies.

It is proved that many of these home remedies have given very good results, managing to combat aging skin. If you want, your skin to have again a youthful look, try these following home remedies.

Skin Discoloration (Age Spots)

Skin CareThese age spots or skin discoloration is due to an uneven pigmentation of your skin.

Lemon juice, yogurt mixed with honey or buttermilk can do wonders, restoring the youthful appearance of your skin.

Apply lemon juice 2-3 times daily. Citric acid will reduce the unsightly appearance of the age spots.

Apply buttermilk every evening and leave it on your face for an half an hour. Then, rinse your face well. Lactic acid removes the dead skin cells, restoring the skin texture and elasticity.

Skin Imperfections

Signs and skin scars, remnants of teenage acne, are becoming increasingly visible.

An ordinary potato can help you. You need only to rub the affected skin with a half a raw potato.

If you prefer, instead of potatoes, you can use with the same good results, a mixture of limejuice, rose water and glycerin.


Wrinkles are of course, the first signs of skin aging.

They occur with loss of elasticity in skin tissue. This reduction in elasticity is caused by decreasing of the amount of collagen and elastin.

In fact, wrinkles are part of the normal aging process. However, there are many cases where wrinkles may occur earlier. This is especially due to the environmental factors, such as too much sun exposure, pollution, stress, loss of moisture and pollution. Also, a vitamin ā€œEā€ deficiency can lead to skin damage and wrinkles.

Fortunately, there are home remedies that can help you.

Rub your face skin with grapes. Leave the grape juice on your face for a half an hour then, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Let your face to dry. The grape juice will remove the dead skin cells and will restore the skin elasticity.

Instead of grapes, you can successfully use pineapple juice.

However, there are many others homemade facial masks such as:

– A mixture from 2-tsp papaya and 1-tsp oatmeal;
– Blended cucumber;
– Mashed carrots;
– Mashed avocado;
– egg white or bee honey;
– Raw coconut milk;
– Oils ā€“ castor oil, olive oil, flax seed oil;

Have a Good Nutrition

A correct and balanced diet prevents premature aging.

Water is perhaps the most important element for a healthy skin. Your skin should always, be hydrated. Therefore, drink daily, plenty of water.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Besides the large amount of water, they contain many minerals and vitamins.