Vitamins that Help You to Defy the Old Age

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Defy Your Old Age

Today, you can find on market a lot of creams and other various products that claim they can prevent aging and preserve a youthful look.

I have no doubt that the intention is good and the results are quite satisfactory, but these cosmetics are pretty expensive and their effect is not lasting. More important is a healthy lifestyle where a proper diet plays a leading role.

An old proverb says; “Tell me what you eat, to tell you who you are”.

What you eat, in fact the vitamins and nutrients have the greatest effect on how you look.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has an extremely important role for your body, strengthening your immune system.

But, this is not everything. Vitamin C stimulates the collagen production, protecting in this way the skin from the unhealthy effects of sun exposure.

Many vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, peppers, guava, strawberries and especially citrus, are rich in vitamin C.

Your body needs only 100 mg of vitamin C daily. You can easily reach this amount of vitamin C if you eat at least two of fruits or vegetables listed above.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another important vitamin for your body. It protects the cell membranes and together with vitamin C protects your skin from sun’s damaging effects.

For a good intake of vitamin E it is recommended to eat daily: 2 tablespoons of wheat germs, 2 avocado slices and a handful of seeds or nuts.