Anti-Aging Exercises for Posterior

There is no person in the world to be absolutely satisfied in terms of his physical condition. And frustrations become more acute as we age. Our muscles begin to lose volume and elasticity. Thus, we wake up one day and start to complain that our posterior is flat, the legs are too thick, and the abdomen is prominent.

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Workout at Home

Fortunately, it is a solution that can recover your youthful physical condition, regardless of age and you can have again a teenage aspect even if you passed long time ago of this age.

In the last article I have presented some exercises for the arms and torso. Let’s see now some exercises for your posterior in general. Tone your muscles, lose weight and sculpt. Three great benefits in just one workout that can do wonders.

Exercise 1:

Stay upright, with your right foot in front of a chair. Support with your right hand on a chair and having your left leg back, descend slowly into a lunge position. Try not to touch the ground with your heel or knee. As you’re still in the lunge position supported by your chair, bring the right leg forward keeping your left foot in back. Return back slowly to the starting position. Do 15 reps for each leg each.

Exercise 2:

You can do this exercise anywhere and anytime, at home or at office. You will have once again need a chair for this exercise. Sit on the chair with your feet slightly apart and the back perfectly straight. Pushing in your legs, slide your body outside the chair as if you want to sit on the ground, but without touching the ground. Do not forget to tighten your abdominals and buttocks muscles during this movement. Get up back in the chair. Do 15 reps each.

Exercise 3:

This exercise is ideal for your buttock’s muscles. Sit on the floor, leaning on your arms and knees. Keeping your back straight, lift and stretch the right leg, as to form an angle of 90 degrees. This means that the sole of the foot should be parallel to the ceiling and the knee has to form a straight line with your torso. Do this exercise 15 times for each leg.

Exercise 4:

Stand with your back straight and your feet slightly apart. Keep your chest straight and abdominal muscles tight while you step forward with your right foot. Then descends gently until you form an angle of 45 degrees and your left knee is close to the ground but without touching the floor. Return back to starting position and bringing the right leg forward, descend but this time in a lunge position, i.e. stretch the opposite leg back. Return to starting position and do 15 reps for each leg.

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