Apple Juice Diet for Body Detoxification and Weight Loss

Apple juice is a nutritious and healthy drink at the same time, rich in potassium and many other important nutrients that can be successfully included not only in a weight loss diet, but rather in a body detoxification diet.

Apple Juice & Apples
Apple Juice & Apples

Let’s see more about apple juice diet and how it can help you lose weight healthily.

Regular consumption of apple juice has a lot of benefits for your body health. Although it cannot be used exclusively in a diet, apple juice can be used to cleanse the body of the accumulated toxins implicitly, to get rid of excess pounds and last but not least to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Apple Juice Diet for Body Detoxification and Weight Loss

Apple juice is not only a very tasty drink, but is also extremely healthy. This 100% natural and unfiltered liquid, preserves all the nutrients of apples being packed with phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins (A, B, C) and minerals such as silicon, potassium, iron, etc.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy and constant, experts recommend to include in your diet apple juice, whose properties determine the elimination of toxins accumulated in the kidneys, liver, and colon, leading also, to the lowering of your body weight.

Fast Detox Diet

However, for faster results, you can put into practice a famous Detox diet that includes consumption of apples and apple juice, among other foods. This Detox diet lasts four days, during which you’re allowed to eat only apples, apple juice and water. Also, you can add on certain days, orange juice, olive oil and other vegetables and fruits.

1. In the first three days of this fast Detox diet, eat only apples, apple juice and water.
2. On the fourth day, take two tablespoons of olive oil to improve your digestion and add orange juice (morning) and a table with fruits and vegetables (in the afternoon) in your diet. Your dinner may include in addition a small amount of grain.
3. On the fifth day, you can resume your normal diet balanced diet and regular exercise.

To get the best results, keep apple juice diet for detoxification once a month for 3-4 months. In this way, you’ll notice both a weight loss, a better state of health by eliminating toxins from the colon, liver and kidneys, and a dramatic weight loss.

Why to Avoid an Exclusive Apple Juice Diet

Experts and recent studies warn that a weight loss diet based exclusively on apple juice is not really, the best idea. First, apple juice has a very high calorie content, and secondly it doesn’t give you all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy and function optimally.

However, do not keep yourself away to consume regularly, apple juice, in the context of a healthy lifestyle. You should not forget that apple juice has a wealth of benefits for the body, some of them providing long term, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight:

a) Protects the heart against specific diseases, thanks to flavonoids and polyphenols.
b) Reduces β€œbad” cholesterol (LDL).
c) Strengthens the bones (due Phlorizin content and vitamin C).
d) Help to strengthen your immune system.
e) Prevents serious diseases, such as cancer (flavonoids and phenolic acids inhibit the growth of cancer cells).

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