Detox Diet Helps You Lose 7 lbs in 30 Days

This diet plan is not a drastically one. Following this detox diet you can lose up to 2 pounds every week.

Drink lemon juice. Adding lemon when you drink water is one of the easiest way to flush away your toxins .Lemon is rich in an antioxidant that speeds the liver’s breakdown of toxins by 25%. Squeeze lemon juice into a glass of water and drink 2 or 3 glasses every day.

Your diet plan has to include fruits and vegetables. Eat fresh fruits as grapefruit, apples, berries, grapes.

Red grapes can help you melt fat faster. Enjoying one cup of red grapes daily can cut you fatigue in half and speed fat melting by 20%. Grapes contain compounds that help your body to flush out toxins and fluids in excess.

Eat plenty salads. Prefer the dark green leaves. They are loaded with chlorophyll a pigment that neutralizes toxins and flush out water weight. In plus chlorophyll helps your liver to burn fat for fuel.

Cleanse your system with lentils. Cooked lentils are the best sources of proteins, easier to digest and burn for fuel. They provide the amino acids your body needs to keep its detoxification system working at full speed.

Add artichokes to your menu. They are the perfect sources of silymarin, a compound that breaks down toxins. If you eat 4 artichokes per week, you can ease your fatigue and your headaches.

Don’t eat red meat. Eat salmon twice on week and turkey breast once a week.

Breakfast:  For breakfast you can eat fat free yogurt and fresh fruits with a sprinkling of oats.

Lunch:  At lunch you can have a large bowl of lentil soup and a whole grain toast.

Dinner: 3oz grilled salmon and steam vegetables and 1 cup brown rice.

Snack:  You can eat fruits salads, low fat yogurt, nuts or seeds, a handful.