Detox Diets and the Risks of Using Chelating Agents

Chelating Agent Molecule

Almost any Detox diet is composed of chelating acids.

Their role is to remove heavy metals that are deposited in our bodies. At least that is mentioned in every Detox diet.

But still, what are these chelating agents and the risks of using them?


It is well known that arsenic compounds are extremely poisonous. In the World War I, in the great battles on the Western Front, toxic gases were used heavily. These gases had arsenic in their composition. What made things worst was that there is no treatment available at that time.

Arsenic is a poisonous metalloid, which in contact with human tissues reacts very aggressively, disrupting the cell energy system and leading to death.

It is only one way to counteract the devastating effect of arsenic on the human body. You need to make this metalloid to react with a chemical agent to form an inert compound that it is harmless to the human body. These agents are so called chelating agents.

This principle underlies any Detox diet. Today, there are many chelating agents treating a wide range of heavy metal poisoning. For example, in cases of arsenic poisoning is used a chelating agent, called DMPS. However, any case of arsenic poisoning must be reported to the authorities.


Whatever its nature any chemical agent has a strong effect on the human body, especially when talking about a powerful chemical agent that it is a chelating agent.

Any chelating agent introduced into your body will react and cause many changes to your biochemical balance. Actually, that is our intended effect. We need that this agent to combine with the heavy metal poison to form an inert compound so we can easily remove it.

Unfortunately, it is a side effect. The chelating agent will randomly react with other chemical from your body. This is in fact, an inevitable and undesired consequence of their action.

For example, Dimercaprol (or BAL) is widely used in the treatment against lead poisoning. It is well known that lead poisoning inhibits production of certain enzymes leading to very serious negative effects on the human body. Dimercaprol is administered to patients in the form of deep intramuscular injections. Shortly after injection it will spread quickly, throughout all your issues, and will prevent these effects of lead poisoning.

But everything has a price. Dimercarprol (BAL) causes many undesired side effects such as abdominal pain, headache, high blood pressure, anxiety, sweating, fever and an annoying burning sensation in throat and mouth. It is true that BAL is very efficient in removing lead from your body yet it is a very powerful chemical agent that disrupts many biochemical links.

The conclusion is self-evident that the use of chelating agents is dictated by medical necessity but their use in certain diets is risky and dangerous. No one can know precisely what kind of effects the use of these agents may have on his body. It is possible to suffer only mild effects but they may react in a more dangerous ways too. In fact, there is no chemical that is completely harmless.


I am sure that everyone wants a diet with safe and quick results. But virtually it is no such thing. Everything in life is achieved with hard work and patience. Only so you can get better and lasting results.

The right way it is a healthy diet and avoiding any chemicals that can be extremely risky for your health. Do not forget to add a moderate daily exercise to your new lifestyle. This is the “miraculous” mixture for a healthy and long life.