Sauna: How It Works and Its Benefits for Your Body

Sauna offers beneficial therapeutic effect

Sauna offers a variety of beneficial therapeutic effects. Induce sweating, which helps to eliminate toxins. Improves blood circulation and increases body temperature, helping the body to more effectively fight with illness and pain.

Sauna bathing is actually a alternating two-phases a heating and a cooling.


Air temperature in the sauna room is between 80 and 120 Celsius degrees (176 – 248 Fahrenheit degrees) and humidity between 5 and 15%.

For a full session, the practice is usually 1-3 stay in the sauna, with a duration of 8-12 minutes each, depending on experience and individual tolerance.

Cooling phase that follows the heating phase must include a stay of 8-12 minutes in a room with fresh air and finally the use of cold water, followed by a resting phase of about 15 minutes.

Sauna has the effect of strengthening the body against colds

Sauna has the effect of strengthening the body against colds, or improvement of the neurovegetative disorders. Raising the body temperature to 39 ° C (102.2 Fahrenheit degrees), has a similar effect to that of fever, body condition, in which the pathogenic agents that cannot withstand temperatures above 37 ° C (98.6 Fahrenheit degrees) are killed.

Overheated body comes into contact with a cold bath, which cause a muscle relaxation effect, lowers blood pressure, activate blood circulation, increase immunity system, regulates breathing and the exchange of substances with the removal of harmful substances from the body through sweat.

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In addition to all this, sauna prepares the body for hot weather by exposing your body to the moist heat of the sauna. The cooling of the body becomes adapted to this high level of heat. This is very beneficial for athletes who evolve when it is hot weather.

Doing sauna regularly, your body will be able to withstand long time without any problem. If you want to lose weight during meetings, you can do this, but this weight loss is made solely because of dehydration. The weight will come back almost instantly after you rehydrate.

If a person is pregnant, have high blood pressure, or heart disease, then the family doctor should be consulted prior to use of the sauna.

However, if you have this symptomatology or other diseases, renounce the use of sauna. The extreme heat produced in the sauna can cause your body to stress. When the body is sick, sauna worsens the state of stress, which creates additional pressure on the body, and stress becomes continuous. Undesirable effects that may occur are cases of temporary sterility in men; the effect due to the high temperature has an adverse effect on the spermatozoa.