Why Autumn You Begin to Gain Weight

Fattening Fall Food

A Pumpkin Pie Slice

Autumn is indeed a beautiful season. Seasonal fruit fragrance and colours surrounds you every time you go shopping. Mornings are getting colder and invigorate you better and quicker than a strong black coffee. Food is becoming tastier, richer in fat and … more. Under these circumstances, you should not wonder why begin to gain weight in the autumn.

In these months of transition, you tend to forget all the good habits you had in the summer.

Recent studies highlight that from early fall until after the winter holidays, we are enjoying any culinary delight due to this holiday season. Then we realize quickly that we have quite exaggerated with this abundant and rich food and sedentary life and we start work ourselves again to be in top form next summer.

There are many and varied reasons why we gain weight during the fall, but basically our bad daily habits and a poor diet are the major factors. So back to our topic: “Why autumn you begin to gain weight?”

1. You Eat More Fat

During the hot season, it is quite difficult to turn on the stove and cook, so you prefer to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy and salad, but when the cold weather is coming you are tempted to eat more fat without realizing it. At this time of year, you usually consume fat meat stews, steaks and sauces, cakes and hot beverages such as hot chocolate with whipped cream adorned in full.

All this food that you savor after a summer of food restriction contribute greatly to your weight gain.

2. You Do Not Have an Active Life

In the hot summer months, it was a delight to walk through the park by bike, run, go hiking and swimming. Daily exercise routine kept you fit and helped to burn calories. Now weather is not too friendly, so you only want to nest under a blanket with a hot cup of chocolate in hand. Lack of movement slows down your metabolism and of course, and your body begins to deposit more calories.

3. You Gain More Weight

All your bad daily habits are related to your weight gain. How are you doing more around the house, you tend to eat more, no matter what, even if you do not feel hungry. In general, while watching television you eat a lot of unnecessary calories (junk food)- chocolate, cookies, popcorn, chips and crackers.

4. You Make Inappropriate Combinations

Also, in the fall, you tend to make only wrong food combinations. Instead of eating a fresh apple, you choose baked caramel apples, instead of eating pumpkin in the oven, you will prepare a pumpkin pie with lots of sugar, instead of doing grilled chicken, you will eat fried chicken with French fries. Autumn, your body feels a greater need for fat and sugar, which actually will sabotage your silhouette.

How to Avoid to Gain Weight in the Fall

First of all, you need a lot of will. Once you have set goal, ie to maintain your weight or lose weight, try to remember all the time that it is your priority. Reduce meals, hydrate yourself properly and avoid eating fatty foods, sweet, salty, processed. Moderation is the key to a harmonious silhouette and you should learn to say “no” even to foods that you love to eat.

Do not ignore the benefits of movement and help your metabolism to burn calories. Choose fresh fruit instead of fruit pies and replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats (especially fish).

With little attention to what you eat you will be able to look winter as well as summer.