Dr. Oz: The Benefits of Wheat Germ

Wheat germ are full of vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, this very essential part is removed, when wheat is processed to make flour. Learn from Dr. Oz, the “miracles” made ​​by these germs of wheat.

Whole Grain

This is the truth. The most nutritious part of grain is removed by white flour manufacturers because healthy oils from germs quickly become rancid and can ruin the taste of the final product. So we buy white flour that has no nutritional value, warns Dr. Oz. Therefore, it is preferable to choose the least processed flour, i.e. whole grain flour that keeps this critical part of the wheat. Also, we find simple wheat germ, packed in bags in any herbal shop.

Dr. Oz recommends them because they have a lot of nutrients and are very nutritious. The famous doctor says that one tablespoon of wheat germ, thermally unprocessed contains 1.5 grams of unsaturated fats , 9 grams carbohydrates, 4 grams of protein, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 0 cholesterol and 60 calories.

The Benefits of Wheat Germ

1. Protects your heart because they contain the B-complex vitamins: Wheat germ are high in folic acid, vitamin B1 and B6. These vitamins take care of your heart health.

2. Keep blood sugar at a normal level because they have more fiber: Due to their high content in fiber, wheat germ maintain your blood sugar at a normal level, take care of the digestive system health and help your body to eliminate the accumulated toxins.

3. Lower the bad cholesterol because they contain phytosterols: These components that are found in wheat germ lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and protect your heart from serious diseases. According to a study conducted in France, a daily intake of 30 grams of wheat germ (a quarter cup) for 14 weeks decreases the bad cholesterol by up to 15.4% and triglycerides by 11.3%.

Another study mentioned by the famous Dr. Oz that appeared in the journal “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” shows that by removing phytosterols from wheat germ, anti-cholesterol effect is not so strong.

4. Protect your brain because they have omega-3 fatty acids: Wheat germs are an important source of omega-3 fatty acids that lower cholesterol, prevents inflammation and protects the brain. According to Dr. Oz the risk to suffer from anxiety is greatly reduced and, in addition, they improve your mood.

5. Restore tissues because they contain minerals: Iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium and manganese are some of the minerals that you can find in abundance in wheat germ. These minerals are essential for the repair of tissues and promote body reactions that keep us healthy.

6. They have a powerful antioxidant effect due to the rich content of vitamin E: This vitamin is found heavily in wheat germ is designed to slow the rancidity of natural oils.

Also, studies have shown that vitamin E protects brain cells and molecules of cholesterol from the destructive effect of free radicals. The risk of atherosclerosis or plaque deposit in the arteries is reduced, says Dr. Oz.

In addition to this benefit, vitamin E helps to detoxify the liver, strengthens immunity and maintains an optimal level of blood glucose.

7. Fermented wheat germ protect us from cancer and arthritis: Fermented wheat germ protect us from cancer and arthritis. Fermented wheat germ are different from the ordinary ones and have anticancer effect, according to research presented by Dr. Oz.

Due to a component called benzoquinone, fermented germ prevent cancer, especially colon cancer, according to a study published in the “British Journal of Cancer”.

If you are not allergic to gluten is recommended to include wheat germ in your daily diet.

It is preferable to keep them in the fridge after you open the bag, warns Dr. Oz to prevent the rancidity of their oil content.

Here are some ideas to include them in your diet:

a) ​​Use them in smoothies: For example, mix them in blender with soy milk yogurt, banana, honey, berries and wheat germ;
b) Grind them and sprinkle the powder over all the foods that you eat;
c) Add them in wholegrain cereals at breakfast;
d) Add them in the your oat porridge,
e) Mix them with yogurt, nuts and honey;
f) Include them in various recipes of desserts, such as cookies, pancakes or muffins;
g) You can make tea from wheat germ, if infusion, a spoon filled with germs in two cups of boiling water. Leave them for 20 minutes, then strain the tea;
h) Mix them in your salad dressing.

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