Brown Rice Detoxification Diet

Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Rice diet was created 70 years ago as a medical program that treats hypertension, obesity and diabetes. Rice diet was “invented” by Dr. Walter Kempner in 1934, who observed that patients who eat rice at every meal without salt and fat, weakened many pounds and are much healthier.

The Rice Diet (or grains of rice diet) is great to detoxify your body, ridding it off excess water weight and toxins from foods and the environment.

Some fundamental aspects of the rice diet are the following:

a) Reduction in salt and sodium-rich ingredients. Salt stimulate your appetite, so when you reduce salt intake, you lose water weight and are less inclined to overeat.

b) Reduction in saturated fats and increase of carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans as the main source of nutrition. These foods are fiber-rich, so they cleanse your system. The importance of fiber intake is very essential in aiding the digestion process of our body.

c) Whole grain brown rice is superior to white rice for the great content of fibers, vitamins and minerals. It has a great cleansing effect on the bowel, acting like a sponge that absorbs and eliminates the waste in your intestine.

d) Brown rice has balanced protein content but it is low in one essential amino acid, lysine. Adding peas and beans, rich in lysine, to brown rice, create a synergistic combination for your body.

e) Brown rice is the basic macrobiotic food. it has a component called albumin, similar to the albumen that helps to eliminate toxins and fluid retention.

f)  Organically brown rice is better nutritionally and it is grown and packaged without the use of any chemicals or pesticides.

g) As food, rice is nutritious and easy to digest. 50 gr. of cooked rice contain only 62 calories in the face of 140 for the same amount of potatoes.

h) The rice diet is also, excellent for combating diseases such as constipation, nervousness and stress.
The brown rice diet consists largely of two steps:

  1. In this phase rice diet consists mostly of rice and fruit.
  2. This stage incorporates fruits and vegetables with rice. You can also eat fish once a week.

NOTE: It is recommended to avoid salt throughout the diet.

The following is an example of brown rice detoxification and weight loss diet:

Week 1: 

                                       One Day                                                       Six Days

  • Breakfast: – boiled rice; fruits.                            – boiled rice; a dietary milk product/1 fruit
  • Lunch:        – boiled rice; fruits                             – boiled rice; 1 fruit; 3 vegetables
  • Dinner:       – boiled rice; fruits.                            – boiled rice; 1 fruit; 3 vegetable

Week 2:           

                                       One Day                                                      Five Days

  • Breakfast: -boiled rice; 2 fruits                            -boiled rice; a dietary milk product/fruit
  • Lunch:        -boiled rice; 2 fruits                            -boiled rice; 1 fruit; 3 vegetables
  • Dinner:       -boiled rice; milk or vegetables          -boiled rice; 1 fruit; 3 vegetables

One Day

  • Breakfast: -boiled rice; 1 fruit
  • Lunch:        -boiled rice; 1 fruit; 3 vegetables
  • Dinner:       -boiled rice; 1 fruit; 3 vegetables and some protein

1. If you feel unwell during the diet consult your family doctor.
2. Vegetables can be cooked steamed or grilled.
3. Recommended fruits are green apples.