Finger Length Reveals Everything about You

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There’s a saying that the health of a person can be “read” in his eyes, but the eyes are not the only way you can learn if he is prone to the development of a disease.

It may seem unbelievable but finger length can also be an excellent indicator of your health, and may even indicate if you have an aggressive personality or even if you have artistic ambitions. Experts in this field say that finger and ring finger are the two fingers that reveal everything about you.

Somehow everything can be explained scientifically. The length of the fingers is influenced since from the mother’s womb, by exposure to testosterone and estrogen levels which may be higher or lower. Thus, later in life, women often do better in reading, writing and oral language if exposed to a higher level of estrogen, while the boys will have propensity for exact sciences if they are exposed to higher levels of testosterone.

Male hormones encourage the growth of the ring finger, while the female hormones encourage the growth of the index finger.

Finger Length Reveals what Kind of Diseases You Can Have
  1. Studies show that if you have an index finger longer than ring finger, you have an increased risk of developing breast cancer or cervical cancer, but at the same time, the same proportion suggests a high degree of fertility.
  2. If the index finger is relatively long, you may be prone to allergic rhinitis, allergies and psychiatric disorders.
  3. If your ring finger is longer than index, there is a serious risk to do osteoarthritis later in life, and if you’re overly concerned with your weight, you can have eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia.
  4. A longer ring finger than index finger reveals about you that you’re likely to catch cold easily or develop various infections, and if you take care of your heart, you can also have cardiovascular disease.
Finger Length Reveals Your Personality
  1. You should know that if you have an index finger shorter than the ring finger, you are attracted to people of the same sex, even if we do not realize this.
  2. Also, the index finger shorter than the ring finger reveals about you that you have a strong personality, even aggressive, and that you’re doing great professionally.
  3. If you index finger shorter and a longer ring that means you have an extrovert personality, and you’re willing to take risks and try new challenges.
  4. A longer ring finger indicates that you have developed driving skills, have a proper orientation in space and you’re gonna do great if you start a sport.
Finger Length Reveals Your Artistic Inclinations

Artistic inclinations, although it may seem a little unbelievable, are more obvious especially in people who have a longer ring finger than index.

How Much Should You Believe in these Assumptions

To know so much about you just by looking at the length of your index finger and ring finger may seem at some point, just a waste of time. However, experts believe that fingers can really tell what disease you are prone or the characteristics of your personality.

But this theory also has exceptions, like any other theory. For example, people who have an index finger longer than the ring finger may have artistic ambitions and those with a longer index finger may have an extroverted personality.

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