Behavior Rules at the Movies – What Should You Do?

It is unpleasant to go to the cinema to see a movie and be disturbed by incessantly ringing phones, by the ones who talk too loud or by noisy kisses. It seems that nowadays, many people forget that watching a movie at the cinema is not the same as watching a DVD movie in the privacy of their home.


It is obvious that you cannot change the world, but at least worth trying. To avoid you to reach a situation disturbing for others, here are some rules of behavior for when going to the cinema.

Try to arrive on time

It is quite annoying that while the movie started and you sitting comfortably to be bothered by some people who weren’t willing to come in time. Avoid being one of those people and try to reach the theater 10 minutes before the start of the film. In this way, you will be more relaxed, you’ll see the movie from the beginning and you will not bother anyone.

Use your phone Silent function

It is not necessary to turn off your phone when you get inside, but it is common sense to put it on silent, otherwise you risk disturbing those around you. Also, in case your phone rings, answer only if it is something very important and exit the theater to hold your conversation.

Buy snacks before starting the movie

Purchasing your snacks is another reason why you have to come to film 10 minutes early is. It is quite unpleasant, both for you and for the rest of the people present in the room, to walk through the seats with popcorn and drink in your hand.

Do not spoil the surprise

If you’ve seen the film, but want to see again with another person, it would be better not to ruin the surprise, and not whisper or say aloud anything that is going to happen.

Avoid kissing and hugging

If you go to the movies with her boyfriend and suddenly you feel like to kiss and embrace would be better to leave the room or to abstain until the end of the movie. Nobody wants to be witnessing some noisy, and wet kisses. In addition, people who come accompanied by children certainly will ask you to stop these manifestations, and will put you both in an awkward situation.

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