Marilyn Monroe “Diet”

The Sexy American Diva

Marilyn Monroe

The sexiest blonde in Hollywood history, Marilyn Monroe has always maintained a goddess body due to a balanced diet. This diet is highly recommended even today, by many nutritionists.
This legendary actress was always known to enjoy the life, still keeping a balance and harmony between mind and body.

It should be noted that in the ’50s and ’60s there were not many information about healthy eating. Despite this lack of information, Marilyn Monroe has realized that a proper diet, exercise and a relaxed attitude is the key to success in life.

In fact, she did not follow any rules other than the common sense rules and only in accordance to her body needs. With only 10 minutes of morning light exercise and good nutrition, she has shown a very relaxed attitude towards her silhouette.

She was always happy with her body even if her weight had oscillations.


Marilyn Monroe had an hourglass body, which became a symbol of feminine seduction.

This was before the “boy bodies” and anorexic forms to adjudicate as the status of an ideal female, sexy womanhood was very different: round and full forms, healthy, strong, defined muscles and a skeletal system less visible.

In fact, before she becomes famous and change her name to Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jeane Baker was more concerned to eat enough, than starve.

At 1.65 meters tall, the American diva had an oscillatory weight between 53 kg and 63 kg, according to data provided by her tailor.

Her measures were 93-58-93, with round hips, hourglass waist and “naughty” breasts.


A typical day for Marilyn was beginning with a protein rich breakfast. In fact, Marilyn Monroe was careful to have vitamins and proteins in her menu.

Every morning before taking a shower, she used to drink a glass of warm milk mixed with two raw egg yolks and vitamins.

After a demanding day, she used always to eat a baked beef or lamb chop and chicken liver with 4-5 raw carrots as side. Marilyn was also stopping occasionally to eat a delicious ice cream after the evening acting classes.

Marilyn’s regular menu looks like this:

The Hollywood Superstar

Marilyn Monroe

Breakfast: 8 AM

Orange juice or plum puree;
Grains; Two toasts with butter;
A simple cup of milk or chocolate milk

Snack: 10 AM

1 cup of milk and a biscuit

Lunch: 1 PM

1 egg (boiled or fried);
2 small pieces of feta cheese;
1 baked potato or spaghetti with tomato sauce and butter
1 slice of bread
A cooked fruit

Dinner: 6.30 PM

Lean beef (boiled, baked), chicken, lamb chop, fish or chicken liver;
1 baked potato and vegetable garnish;
Pudding / rice milk / baked apple

Marilyn used and loved to cook and she was very strict with her recipes. A healthy, natural diet and an optimistic attitude the sexy American blonde girl has become an eternal symbol of feminine beauty.