Driving through the Italian Alps to Franzensfeste

Franzensfeste – A beautiful commune in South Tyrol, Northern Italy

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South Tyrol

Driving through the Italian Alps to Franzensfeste (video)

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How I have already told you, in my video description you will see amazing images of Dolomites, Italian Alps.

Watch the video and enjoy the sinuous route to Franzensfeste (German) or Fortezza (Italian) a charming historic locality, named after a large fortress, erected in the 19th century.

In fact, Franzensfeste Fortess is an important touristic point for everybody who is driving in South Tyrol.

But not only this fortress can attract you. You will also be amazed by the beauty and serenity of the mountain landscape, towns, and villages.

Northern Italy

South Tyrol is one of the most picturesque areas of Europe.

It is impossible not to like the southern Wipptal valey on the Eisack river where is located Franzensfeste Fortress, between Sterzing and Brixen.

However, Franzensfeste Fortress the historical building from the Habsburg domination of Tyrol, remains the main touristic attraction.

You will be amazed by this impressive military construction, which was recently rebuilt, upgraded, and reconsolidated.

Large and wide brick walls, combined with stone masonry, tunnels, long halls with stone flooring throughout.

It is, indeed, a majestic construction in the middle of a fascinating mountain landscape.  

You can have a great vacation time in South Tyrol.

Check online this fascinating mountain route and see for yourself.

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