How to Look Sexy in Bikini in Just 3 Days

To look really sexy in your swimsuit you need a flat stomach. However, if you are a little bit far from this ideal, you can still put into practice several tricks that can help you lose belly fat in just 3 days.

Of course, there is no miraculous diet that can turn your chubby belly into a pack of abdominal muscles in only three days, but the size and appearance of your tummy will improve greatly.


Simply, through a smart diet and some exercise. Let’s see how to be sexy in a bathing suit in just three days.

1. Drink Plenty of Liquids

The first step in flattening the abdomen is to start a Detox Diet drinking liquids such as lemonade without sugar, fresh squeezed natural fruit juices and vegetable juices. It is extremely important that vegetable juice not be processed or preserved.

Also equally important is not to eat anything that day.

In the morning, drink only a glass of warm water with juice from a half of lemon. Your colon will release the accumulated residues and toxins and you will quickly forget your unpleasant sensation of bloating.

Then, during the day, drink 200 ml liquids (tea and juice) every 4 hours. The best are organic fruit and vegetable juices, burdock tea, dandelion tea and red clover tea.

Your stomach will be flatter than ever!

2. Change Your Diet

After a liquid feast day, perhaps you’ll feel a little odd. Therefore, you need nourishing nutrients that provide energy but not bad fats.

So, eat vegetables (fresh, boiled or baked), fruits, brown rice, oats, whole grains, quinoa, etc. Add a rich unsaturated fat (olive and olive oil, flaxseed, fish meat).

You need also lean protein such as chicken or grilled beef and yogurt. It is important to eat several times a day, only in small quantities. In this way, you can ease your digestion and avoid bloating.

Forget white flour, sweets, vegetables such as beans, broccoli, cabbage, etc., which can create indigestion and soda. They are the main factors affecting your tummy appearance.

3. Do Cardio Exercise

Do some cardio exercises for 20 minutes each day, without exaggerating. You do not need muscle soreness on your vacation, do you!


Young Ladies in Bikinis

Light stretching, walking, cycling, yoga or maybe Pilates help you to burn calories fast and can define your muscles quickly. In addition, sport is extremely useful for a proper functioning of your digestive system, which is an essential condition for a flat stomach.

4. Considerations & Precautions

Besides the above measures, it is essential that you hydrate a lot. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of plain water every day to remove the fluid retained in body tissues. Equally important is to avoid starvation.

If you deprive your body of necessary nutrition substances, you will force the metabolism to slow down to conserve power and you will not solve anything. Even worse, there is the risk of fall in body calcium.

5. Makeup Tips

You should not ignore the power of makeup, if you want to display an enviable body.

For example, after a body lotion application you can add a self-tanning lotion layer. Your body will look firmer creating a slimmer illusion.