Green Wheat Grass – Miraculous Health Benefits

Fresh Wheat Grass Juice
Green Wheat Grass Juice

Green wheat grass contains indeed, substances with an incredible healing potential for the human body.

After it was proven the long list of benefits that it brings to human health, and after being classified as a “complete” food by many nutrition experts, green wheat grass has become part of the diet of many people concerned about their longevity.

Let’s see together what the curative properties of the green wheat grass are and how you can grow it yourself at home.


Green wheat grass contains about 19 ​​amino acids, which are the proteins that your body needs to survive and function at its full potential. It also has in its composition, 19 minerals, more vitamin C than oranges and more vitamin A than carrots. It provides over 30 enzymes required for your digestion and green wheat grass juice has a percentage of 70% of chlorophyll.

All these qualities of green wheat contribute crucial to its ability to regenerate, rejuvenate and heal the human body naturally.


There are many benefits that green wheat grass brings to your health but also to your beauty.

It is not just a supplier of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, actually beneficial for your health, but also helps you to detox your body and lose weight, through its amazing effect of inhibiting appetite.

Here is a list of the healing effects of green wheat grass:

1. Increases the number of red blood cells. Chlorophyll in green wheat is similar, in molecular terms, with hemoglobin. Studies show that daily intake of green wheat can reduce high blood pressure, dilating the blood vessels.

2. Has alkalizing properties. The abundance of alkaline minerals in green wheat grass decreases blood acidity, leading to mitigate your internal pains and to treat colitis, peptic ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, and many other gastrointestinal disorders.

3. Helps you lose weight. Green wheat stimulates thyroid (your metabolism) and therefore, treat obesity.

4. Can prevent cancer. Green wheat grass is a powerful detoxifying thus protecting the liver and “cleaning” the blood. Green wheat amino acids and enzymes destroy carcinogens, strengthen cells and neutralize chemical the environment pollutants.

5. Strengthens Immunity. Green wheat is rich in minerals and therefore speeds up healing and boosts long-term immunity being an excellent source of B vitamins and beta-carotene. In fact, it can quickly heal scrapes, cuts and other external injuries.


a)     Pour at least 6 cups of wheat seeds in a sprouting jar. Pour and fill the rest of the container volume with water and close it with a lid.

b)    Leave it overnight and in the morning drain all the water from the jar. Add fresh water and rinse the seeds.

c)     Repeat the same process for 3 days.

d)    Then fill a seeding tray without drainage holes with organic compost, pressing slightly the soil.

e)     Spread evenly the sprouted seeds all over the surface and then sprinkle with water. Place a pan over your tray or put the seeds in a dark place.

f)      After 3 or 4 days, you can see wheat growing hairs. Now is the right time to move your tray to light and to water it every 2 days.

g)     You can consume the wheat grass when it grew up to 17 cm tall.

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