How You Can Keep Away a Bad Cold or Flu

You can keep away bugs or other infections by working up your defense system.

Wash every week your reusable grocery bags. In this way you protect yourself against the bugs you are caring around with your begs if you don’t wash them fervently .The trunk of your car being warm is a perfect medium for bacteria growing.

Make your immunity system stronger with more sleep. During the sleep is becoming stronger, so having a good nigh sleep is essential.

Wash your hands at all time. The simple act of washing the hands give you great protection against all kind of bugs and increase your protection by 70%.

Honey is a natural antibiotic. A little honey if you apply on a scrap burn or a cut can kill bacteria that can cause infections.

Take oregano oil. Three drops under your tang daily kills flu viruses and if you still get sick symptoms decrease 80%.


Keep your home clean. Maintain your bathroom and kitchen clean at all the time. Once a week use alcohol to disinfect the surfaces in your bathroom and kitchen aria.

Don’t touch your face. Viruses get easier into your body touching your face after you touch contaminates objects.

*** If you just catch the flu, quickly improve your immunity by starting to eat garlic or chicken soup and drink orange juice with a little piece of ginger in it. Drink tea with a lot of lemon juice is going to help you too. ***