Healthy Rules for a Happy Marriage

Studies show that, there are rules that can make your marriage a happy one.

Do not Avoid the Arguments

If you don’t argue, it means one of you is always getting his way while the other remains with resentment. Let the anger get out; solve the problem in the same moment it appears.

Allowed the other person to share their thoughts without fear of a negative reaction, this way your relation will become stronger.

Have Some Independence

When a person makes the other do something he or she doesn’t want to, a resentment it is creating. Spend an hour or more to do something for yourself like go to a coffee with a friend, go to a club, and allowed your partner to do the same. Sharing your experience help your relation become well.

Do not Reveal Your Thoughts

Opening up about everything (from your past till the preset relationships) is not healthy. Over sharing is a bad idea, since we remember negative conversations twice more the positive one.

Real relation is built on respect and trust not on every last thing about each other.

You Can Sleep in Separate Beds

Studies show that the average person’s sleep is disturbed 4 or 5 times a night by his or her spouse, and too little sleep leads to argument and hostility. If you can have a good night sleep with your partner, go and sleep in separate beds.

Have a Private Financial Stash

Number one reasons couple are argue are money. Make sure you each have a private stash that you can spend freely. This gives you a sense of freedom and sidesteps arguments. Put agree on the amount of money and stay stick to that limit.

Make Each Other Little Surprises

It is not old fashion to came home and bring flowers to your wife.

Treating each other with honesty and great respect is the golden key for a long and happy marriage.