How Colors Can Increase Your Relaxation and Mental Health and Make You Happy and Successful



Each colors emits a different wavelength that stimulates your brain and nervous systems in different good for you ways. Learn how to use colors to make your life happier and to have more success.

1. Pink

If you are stress, pink color can help you. Studies show it can even reduce your muscle tension for a full half hour after exposure.

Women wearing pink are perceived as younger because of the rosy glow.

Since the color makes you feel relax and secure, you subconsciously project positive traits onto anyone associated with it.

2. Red

Red color will make you more motivated to exercise and you will enjoy your workout 50% more. Red color increases your heart rate, your circulation and your adrenaline; these three factors ignite your desire to be active.

Women wearing red color attract every man in the room. Looking at red can causes a chemical reaction in a man’s body. It stimulate the release of epinephrine, a hormone that makes a man heart beat faster and his body temperature rise, and makes him more passionate.

3. Green

Green color can ease eyestrain and tension.

Green is the color most associated with nature; scientists say green makes you calmer. It even relaxes muscles in your eyes, making it the perfect color; if your work at your computer long hours.

If you wear it, you will become more persuasive. A survey of 40 000 people found that, we associate green color with good luck, wealth and nurturing, and we feel more positive. Green makes people more open to your point of view.

4. Blue

Blue color is associated with creativity. Looking at blue can inspires your imagination. Since the color triggers anti – anxiety hormones, you will be automatically more relaxed, allowing you to think more creatively.

If you will wear it, you will become more confidence. Police, pilots, military officers are wearing blue as leaders. We even think of people in blue as being more intelligent and successfully.

5. Yellow

Yellow color might improve your memory. Simply writing yellow paper or using yellow highlighter is proven to help you to retain more information.

The color brightness grabs your attention making information seem more important and therefore more memorable to your brain.

Yellow makes people more cheerful and optimistic; wearing it will attracts others and make them feel friendlier; people are more likely to approach you without even realizing why.

6. Purple

Purple color can help you intensify your intuition.

Combining the calmness of blue with the excitement of red, purple will make you more sensitive to everything around you, sharpening your intuition.

You will become more relax, and your imagination intensifies.

When you wear it, you will impose more respect. People see purple as royal and exotic.

Long time ago, purple was the most expensive dye, so only the most important people could afford it. People are still associate it with power.

7. Orange

This color will ignite your energy. With its vibrant intensity, orange is a high-energy color; it is also conveys warmth by its association with fire. Just looking at orange can rise your body temperature.

Orange color, when you wear it, makes you feel more connected and friendly.

8. Black

Black color can help you to lose weight; when you look at it, your cravings will disappear; when you wear it, will make you look slimmer.

Some people describe black as strong and invulnerable.