How Renaissance Cure Can Makes You Healthier and Happier

Here there are a few amazing natural remedies, which peoples used over the centuries.

A. The amazing properties of rhubarb root. Are you tired of being tired? Rhubarb root can help you. Rhubarb cleanse your liver; because it allowing your body to get rid of its toxins more effectively. It stimulates the metabolic waste, reduce your inflammation and boost your circulation. Rhein, a rhubarb compound, can halt the growth of parasites and other germs in your intestinal tract.

The way you can use rhubarb is row, power, capsule or tincture.

B. How myrrh can help you. 3000 years ago, when the Three Wise Men brought their gifts to baby Jesus myrrh was more valuable that gold or money. With its astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties myrrh can turbochargers your immunity system. By increasing the white cells activity, myrrh is stimulate your circulation; helps your body to do tissue repairs, and is killing the germs. It is also known as an analgesic, is numbs the pain.

C. Swedish bitter. It is an herbal elixir and it has modern and real health promoting properties. Swedish bitter is providing a quick and inexpensive cure for all kind of problems: indigestion, hepatitis B, PMS bringing happiness and resistance to flu or cold. Can be use as liquid, tincture, tea or capsules.

D. Balance your hormones. You can balance your hormones with angelica root. By its containing in ferulic acid, angelica root is a muscle relaxer and a pain reliever. It has proven to ease cramps, irritability and all other symptoms related to PMS.

C. Drink aloe. Aloe can ease the pain and inflammation of your digestive tract. It‘s boost the circulation and assist the detoxification process. The gel contain in aloe leaves has antiviral; anti-inflammatory and anti fungal property.

E. Cure your infection with carline thistle. It is loaded with health promoting antioxidants and tannins. By increase, the gastric juices stimulate bile, reducing stomach upset and indigestion. It is also helps flush the liver reducing fatty deposit and toxins. Its powerful oil, called carlina oxide, is a strong natural antibiotic. You can use it as tea, power or capsule.

F. Boost your mood with saffron. A new study found that if you take saffron for seven weeks the result is a big boost for your mood. It has antidepressants properties and saffron can increase the serotonin level in your brain.

Another property is that saffron improves the memory and can ease the PMS symptoms.

Therefore, in conclusion, we have to go back to “Mather Nature”, it is amazing the way it can take care of us.