The Best Cures for Your Winter Cough

Chronic cough is one of the reasons people are checking with their family doctors this time of year. Cold and flu are not only be blamed for the annoying cough; in fact, there are other health conditions responsible for the cough too.

Cough and Blood Pressure Medication

There are blood pressure medications, which has cough as secondary reaction. This kind of reaction can develop in time and its feel like a feather tickling the back of your throat. To avoid this unpleasant reaction you can take iron (200 mg) dose of ferrous sulphate. Do not medicate yourself consult your doctor before.

Cough and Postnasal Drip

More than half of chronic winter coughs are cause by postnasal drips. This is a problem linked to allergy, viral infection, flux hormones or side effects of some medications. The best solution is to eat daily a steamy bowl of chicken soup, an old grandma remedy.

Cough and Allergies

A lot of people are suffering of asthma and allergies. The only symptom that can become chronic is coughing or frequent throat clearing. The way you may be avoid this is to take “Pycnogenol”, an anti-   inflammatory. It will open airways and improve breathing in asthmatics and people with allergies.

 Heartburn and Coughing

Heartburn can trigger a dry irritating cough because of indigested food backing up from the oesophagus. What you have to do is to restore your stomach acidity.

Earwax and Cough Can be Related

Excess wax can stimulate a nerve that brings on coughing. This phenomenon is happening often in autumn and wintertime. The solution is simple gist clean up your earwax.

If You Feel Like a Cold or Flu Is Coming, You Can Start Fighting It

What you may do is to take a steamy shower daily for 10 or 15 minutes. This way you will reduce your inflammation. Another remedy is to take a walk for twenty minutes to boost your adrenaline. Eat a grandma’s chicken soup; it will increase your immunity system.

1.     Eat dark chocolate A new research found that theobromine (an active ingredient in dark chocolate) has the same result as cough syrup. You can have one to two oz. dark chocolate daily when you started coughing.
2.     See your family doctor If you develop a fever above 100 F (38 C) or your cough is yellow or green, go and see your doctor; you may have a bacterial infection and to cure it you need antibiotics.