What Diet Should You Follow if You Take Birth Control Pills

Hormonal contraception is today the most common method to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Both partners must however, be aware that hormonal contraceptives do not reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Birth Control Pills

Hormonal Contraception Methods

The known methods of hormonal contraception may be classified briefly in:

Contraceptive Implants;
Contraceptive Patch;
Contraceptive Pills;
Contraceptive Ring – considered a healthier alternative than the pills because “bypasses” the digestive system and liver metabolism;

However, birth control pill remains the most commonly used method of contraception.

Birth control pills can also be microdoses (most common today), and in terms of hormones contained, they can be combined or monohormonale pills. For women who smoke only contraceptives are recommended to progesterone (monohormonale).

What diet should you follow if you take birth control pills?

Birth control pills may have more side effects and doctors and pharmacists have warned that they may become a health hazard:

– May increase the risk of esophagitis and esophageal cancer if pills are taken without a glass of water, say modern studies;
– Over time they can cause disorders of the digestive system, digestion and bowel;
– They affects the liver, some physicians indicating a break after a few years or cures with  liver protectors;

Diet is very important for maintaining health and beauty, and when your body is under of any kind of stress, including medication, some foods should be included in your daily diet to provide energy and nutritional support that the body needs.

Foods Recommended for Women who Take the Contraceptive Pills

1. Foods rich in probiotics

Foods rich in probiotics protect intestinal flora, but also vaginal flora, keeping women’s health, and protecting the digestive mucosa of various attacks.

Also foods rich in probiotics regulate intestinal transit and protects against colon cancer. They have detoxifying effect and help keeping your silhouette. Colon Detoxification also shows indirect effects of a general immunity increasing.

Recommended foods for stimulation and liver protection:

Fish meat;
– Nuts and other unripe oleaginous fruits;
– Mango, avocado;
– Red beet;
– Kiwi;
– Grapefruit;
– Green vegetables etc.

2. Foods that detoxify your body

Regular detoxification diets are recommended to anyone regardless of his lifestyle. But in the daily diet, you can also introduce foods with detoxifying role.

Nutritionists recommend:

– Lemons – you can drink water with lemon juice. They’re amazing the benefits of drinking lemon water;
– Green and purple vegetables – cabbage, spinach raw (in salads), lettuce, eggplant and so on;
– Purple fruit: containing the most powerful antioxidant from nature: resveratrol. Fruits rich in resveratrol: black grapes, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, corn, etc..
– Grapefruit;
– Apples etc.

Do not forget though to make regular blood tests and clotting if you take birth control pills.

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