How Choosing Better Foods Can Help You to Boost Your Health

More and more food companies are changing the way they are doing the food by choosing natural health- boosters.

How You Can Slim Down with Soup
You can lose 5, 10, or more pounds by taking advantage of additional fiber you will found in your favorite soup at the supermarket.

Manufacturers have recently been putting a heaping dose of fiber into unlikely sources as soups and sugar substitutes. Fiber strikes your appetite. It will fill you more quickly and will increase your levels of a certain hormone that curbs the feeling of hunger.

Learn how Orange Juice Can Strengthen Your Bones
Milk is not the only source of calcium. Juice manufacturers found that by introducing calcium with vitamin D works better than fortifying foods with calcium alone. Vitamin D is like the key that unlocks the door allowing calcium to enter the body. Without it, calcium passes right your digestive system without getting absorbed.

Drink green tea. A new study shows that green tea drinkers have nearly 4% denser bones than the people who do not drink it.



Fight Disease with Cereal

You can transform your morning meal into a disease-fighting powerhouse. All you need is to choose a cereal that is loaded with antioxidants, which will help you fight dementia, heart disease or metabolic syndrome. Antioxidants destroy the free radical molecules that damage your body’s cells and triggers disease.

How to Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’ Disease

Omega 3 fatty acids are popping up in everything from cookies to pasta. A study shows that people, who get more omega 3 fatty acids, are 60% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

The fatty acids spur the production of a protein that destroys the toxic plaque in the brain believed to lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Have less pain. If you choose omega 3 foods, that will make you less likely to suffer from headaches and other discomforts. These fatty acids reduce inflammation and block the pain signals.

How to Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Food scientists are now adding plant sterols, a natural plant compound, to cheeses, milk and spreads.

These plant sterols can dramatically lower your risk of breast, colon, stomach, lung or ovarian cancers.

Plant sterols make cancerous cells to self-destruct before they can grow into harmful tumours.

Protect your heart. Plant sterols can trick your body into absorbing them instead of the bad cholesterol, and it get out of your body before it has a chance to clog your arteries.