Smart Ideas for Your Home

Smart Ideas

1. Dry your hand-washable faster
To remove the water in excess after you wash a garment, is to put it between two towels and slowly do a rolling pin over. The towels will absorb the water.

2. How to protect your garden tools
When you store your tools into your garage, protect them apply jelly or car wax, Wipes before you use your tools with a soft cloth.

3. What to do with the leaves in the fall

Before raking the leaves in your garden, run the mower over them. In this way the leaves reduce their volume.

4. How to protect your fingers while you are cooking

You know the feeling when you touch a hot handle. Before you start cooking wedge a wine cork under the handle, this way will stay cool.

5. How to clean your toilet
To clean your toilet with no scrubbing adds little baking soda to a can of coca cola. Let rest for 30 minutes.
6. What to do with your medicine
Store your medicine in your bathroom. Have your first-store kit.
Keep antiseptic, ointment, band-aids into your cabinets in the bathroom.

7. Stop the mould before it’s build up
Have a spray bottle filled with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water and spray your shower regularly once a week.