How to Slim Your Silhouette Instantly

Switch for Distilled Water
You can get rid of your puffy feeling fast by just switching to distilled water for the day.

This way, you will stay hydrated without the sodium and minerals found in the regular water that can trigger your fluid retention. Distilled water will quickly flush your excess salt and fluids from your body, shrinking your stomach and anywhere else.

It is safe to drink distilled water for one or two days but not more than that, as it can leach important minerals from your body over time. You can found distilled water at your supermarket.

How You Can Eliminate Your Bloat with Ginger Root

You can eliminate your bloat and look five pounds thinner just by taking 1000 mg of ginger root. This plant extract is loaded with four active compounds that will stop gas creating muscle spasms and neutralize your stomach acids.

Use Vinegar to Avoid Gassiness

To avoid your excess gas, try one-tablespoon vinegar mixed with 8-oz water with  30 minutes before each meal; it will boost your stomach acidity level, helping you to digest your food faster and preventing your bloat build-up.

Another solution is to try to chewing your food about 15-20 times per bite; your mouth is full of digestive enzymes that will break down your food, so your stomach does not need to work too hard.

How to Look 10 lbs Thinner in Ribbed Materials

What you should do ,is to slip into an outfit made from any kind of ribbed material; whether is cotton, wool or silk, the fabric’s vertical lines trigger the eye to move up and down, giving the illusion of a narrower frame. It will make you look thinner 10 pounds than your true weight.
How to Trim Your Torso with a Butterfly Shirt
You can look in style just by trying to camouflage your midsection. A loosely cut shirt will skim your torso and hide any flaws without being too billowy or bulky.

It will wide sleeve your balance a wider torso, making you to look thinner.

Use ‘’Eggplant’’ the Hottest Colors of the Year

Eggplant is one of the hottest colors of the season; just like black, it reflects less light, making you appear smaller. Unlike black, eggplant is more festive and rich looking.

How to Make Your Face to Look Thinner

You can make your face to look thinner by wearing dangle earrings. They will instantly lengthen your face, making your cheeks to appear slimmer.