How to Avoid the Morning Rush?

The best solution will be to weak up in time. But, how many of us can do this?

I’m always behind every morning. Study shows that there are a few reasons why people are running late.

1. Even you get up in time, you always run late. You try to organize your schedule, result you still are late for 5, 10, 15 minutes or more.

2. You underestimate how much time you spend in a shower, or when you drink your coffee.

There is a solution: time the all activity for every morning with a stopwatch, and pinpoint the average amount of time you need for your routine. Add an extra 5 minutes to have time control.

Sometimes you give yourself plenty of time, but you still are late. Why? Because you can find your car keys, or your notebook.

One solution will be to keep your things in the same place all the time, for example on a table in the hallway.

Some of us can’t get up to the first snooze of the clock in the morning .We are very active during the day, but in the morning we can drag ourselves from bed , and we become stress out.

Sometimes this is happen because we don’t sleep enough. Other time is happen because biological clock is not set with low hours.

If you set your alarm for later, set your alarm for the time you need to be up, in this way you get a little extra sleep.

Go to bed earlier, take eventually a melatonin pill.

Be good organise. Choose the clothes you are going to use next morning, fix the timer for your coffee maker.