A Few Simple Tricks to Face Extreme Summer Heat


Extreme Summer Heat

The discomfort and even the risk of an impaired health caused by very hot weather are enough reasons to try several traditional methods to keep us away from extreme summer heat.

Of course, there are many modern and equipment assisted ways to face the summer heat but sometimes these modern ways such as such as air conditioning is not always a smart and healthy option. It is well known that air conditioning can give adverse effects such as cold and allergies.

However, ideal would be to face the hot season in the mountains. Mountain forests are the best way to protect you against the stifling summer heat, but this is not always possible. Therefore, why not resort to some traditional tricks that can soften the hot season.


1| First, you should protect your room from the direct sunlight. You can easily reflect it, covering the entire window surface with aluminum foil. In this way, you can reduce the temperature of your room by at least 39 -41 Fahrenheit (4 – 5 Celsius) degrees.

2| In the hot summer days, when you feel the heat becomes unbearable, turning on your air conditioning is a must for your comfort. However, if for some air conditioning is a necessity for others is really a health enemy. Dry and cold air can have several unpleasant and even serious effects on your health.  It can cause colds, even pneumonia, sinusitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, headaches, asthma, etc. Eyes may be affected too by the air conditioning, irritation, redness, tearing.

It is well known that warm air retain more moisture than cold air. Therefore, it is ideal to use your air conditioning in conjunction with a humidifier; otherwise, even if you get rid of heat discomfort you will have other uncomfortable problems.

3| However, instead of air-conditioning you can proceed traditionally. Place a bowl filled with cold water in the middle of your room and renew and complete the evaporated water every two hours. This will reduce the room temperature and will also serve as a humidifier. Perhaps, this seems rudimentary but the room atmosphere becomes more bearable.

What to Drink

It is highly recommended to drink a lot of water, in small amounts throughout the day. You can add several drops of fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Cold beer is a solution only for a short time. After a while, the discomfort returns with more intensity. However, all kinds of alcohol drinks make you more vulnerable to the heat.

You should know that Oriental peoples (Middle East, India, Caucasus, China) prefer to refresh themselves with hot drinks not cold drinks. They prefer hot green tea, whose cooling effect can be observed after about one hour.

What to Eat

It is recommended at least five meals daily. They need to be rich in protein and carbohydrates especially in the morning and evening.

You should exclude sugar, fats, spices, mayonnaise, sauces and pork from your meals. The best are boiled, cold soups and vegetables, dairy products and fruits.

You need also to reduce salt intake and chew your food well. Your stomach will work less if you chew more you food.


First, a shower in the morning and another in the evening are required. However, a body spray is effective immediately after bathing.

Apply thin cucumber slices on your face. They are great for your skin especially during a hot summer day.

How to Dress

Wearing synthetic cloths in a hot summer day is unthinkable.  Preferably, linen or cotton, bright colors and loose cuts. Under clothing should work as a perfect ventilation system.

Wear canvas shoes or simple sandals. I know boots are in vogue today, but we can put them aside for at least, this hot period of the year.

At Work

If your office is not equipped with an air conditioning system, it is necessary at least, to ensure a minimum humidity; one or more water tanks, even without fish, water spray from time to time will make a difference. Also, do not forget to wipe your face, the back of the neck and your hands with a wet towel.

Unfortunately, working during the hot days is not quite efficient. The best is to use your morning time when it is still cool.

At Gym

Your work out must to be balanced with a high water consumption and often breaks at regular intervals.

You should also, consume many fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins. The best are tomatoes, salads, berries and citrus.