How Kitchen Cures Can Help You Save Hundreds of Dollars by Using Natural Remedies for Your Aches and Pains and Other Every Day Problems

There are ways for you to be healthy and to save money too. What you should do is to replace some of pricey drugstore medication with natural remedies for aches and pain this common cold and flu symptoms. These natural cures remedies work the same way or even better than drugs.

How to heal your ache with ginger tea

If you have, a headache tries to sip ginger tea instead of a classical medication. Ginger contains a compound that will block the pain signal transition to your brain. You can buy ginger tea at any supermarket.

Ginger is good for your stomach too. Next time when you have a tummy troubles, do not use anti nausea medication, take ginger. It will calm your stomach in just a few minutes neutralizing your stomach acid and speed up your digestion.

How to ease your skin’s wrinkles

You should made a mask by mixing one tablespoon fine sugar with juice from two green grapes, than let it on your face for 15-20 minutes. Repeat this operation twice on week. Massaging on your face the acids contains in grapes will make your fine lines to disappear; you will save money on expensive cosmetics too.

Another trick is to drink one cup of white tea daily. This will help your skin by producing skin firm elastin and collagen, thanks to rich supplies of antioxidants.

How to cure your cough with flax seeds

Next time when you got a cough opt for a tea made from one-tablespoon flax seeds and one-cup water. Than let, it simmers for 5-10 minutes and drink it while is still worm. The secret stay in mucilage substance from flax seeds, which will block your urge to cough.

If you are coughing with phlegm, break the congestion by drinking more water.

How to stop your nail fungus with vinegar


If you have fungus nail, you do not need to spend big money on anti fungal solutions. Just soak your hands or your feet in a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts worm water for 10 minutes daily, after that rinse and pat dry. The result is going to show in 7 days.

The acids from vinegar are going to make fungus disappear. You can try this natural remedy if you got athlete foot too.

How to battle your breakouts with witch hazel

Soak a cotton swab in witch hazel and dab it on any new blemishes twice on day.  Witch hazel is rich in antioxidants that will acts as antibacterial agent.

How to eliminate dandruff

You can easy turn your regular shampoo into a potent dandruff fighter by adding five to ten drops eucalyptus oil. You will notice an improvement in just a few days. Eucalyptus oil contains anti fungal compounds that will kill the dandruff.

If you want to have a shinier hair use rosemary

Add two-tablespoon fresh rosemary to two cups water, bring it to boil them simmer for 5 minutes. After is cool pour it into a bottle spray and spritz in your hair. The oils contains in rosemary will make the light to reflect in your hair.