How to Get Rid of Neck and Shoulder Stiffness

You can have quite easily a neck or shoulder pain. The causes are multiple. You have slept in an awkward position; you have stayed too long in front of the computer or maybe you have talked for hours on the phone with the receiver wedged between shoulder and ear and now you pay the price for that.

Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin may be helpful, but there are other ways to relieve your pain. Follow the below tips and you will relieve your shoulder and / or neck pain in a natural way.

Cure Your Pain Using Heat

– Heat helps to relax your muscles, reduce substantially the stiffness, reduce greatly your pain and accelerates the healing. You can use a hot water bottle, a heating pad set to minimum, a simple heater, or infrared light lamp. Or simply take a hot bath or shower.
– Moist heat helps reduce neck stiffness pain caused by the tension of the muscles. So it is recommended to make a compress for neck, soaking a towel in warm water. Squeeze the towel, fold it and put it over your shoulders and neck. Then cover it with a dry towel and let them both for about 10 minutes.
– For easy and quick improvement use a hot hair dryer set at minimum and blow gently warm air on your neck and shoulders.

Apply Pressure on the Painful Area

– Try a simple but effective trick: Using your fingers, apply a slight but uniform pressure on the painful area for about three minutes. This should help you dramatically reduce the pain.
– A gentle massage can do wonders for shoulder or neck pain. Use your left-hand fingers on the right side of your neck just below the ear area and massage gently using a downward motion to the clavicle. Do this three times in a row and then do the same on the left side of the neck. It’s a good idea to use an essential oil or massage lotion in which you have added a few drops of lavender or geranium oil (geranium) which will increase the soothing effect.

Neck and Shoulder Pain
Neck Stiffness

Rub with an Ointment the Painful Spot

– Apply an ointment on the painful spot. This product excites your nervous endings, diverting the brain attention from the pain.

The Power of Prevention 

– If you normally sleep on your stomach, try changing your sleeping position. It is much better to sleep on your back. Also use a neck pillow. It may not be a bad idea to change the mattress.
– It is recommended to sit only in chairs that support your back and neck. However, if necessary, buy a lumbar support or simply use a rolled towel placed at the lower back level and make sure you do not sit hunched.
– Whether you sit in a chair or standing keep your head, shoulder and hip in a straight line.
– Do you hold the receiver with your shoulder when talking on the phone? It is not a good idea. To avoid problems with the neck and shoulders, hold the receiver by hand or, if you talk for a long time on the phone, buy a headset or a speakerphone.
– If you are a woman and you have large breasts, wearing a sports bra can help you reduce significantly the pain in your neck and shoulders. This bra offers more support, and because it has wider straps than normal, weight is much better distributed.
– Do not overload the bag on the shoulder. This not only puts more weight on your shoulder, but it will affect your normal posture. A backpack is a better alternative.
– If you spend many hours on the computer, keep the monitor at eye level so you do not have to bend your neck to see better.
– Avoid sitting and sleeping in current. If you need to sleep in a cold room, wear a scarf.

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