Walnut Benefits for Your Health



Only a few nuts consumed before bedtime helps you sleep better. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, nuts protect the heart, prevent diabetes, cancer and help you lose weight.

Discover below, which are the walnuts health benefits and how to add them into your diet.

1| Walnuts protect your heart. Walnuts contain many compounds beneficial for your heart, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Potassium, this important element for your health is in fact, an electrolyte that plays a vital role for the proper functioning of the heart, by balancing the heart muscle contractions. In combination with magnesium and calcium, potassium also regulates your blood pressure. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce cholesterol and vitamin E prevents blood clots. In addition, fatty acids from nuts relax and improve the elasticity of blood vessels, which reduces the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

2| Walnuts prevent cancer. Due to their large amounts of antioxidants, nuts protect your body against many diseases, including cancer. Walnuts are especially helpful in preventing breast and prostate cancer, reducing the growth of cancerous tumors.

3| Walnuts improve sleep quality. Pineal body produces melatonin, a hormone that induces and regulates sleep. This hormone is also found in nuts, making them the ideal snack before bedtime.

4| Walnuts control body weight. Rich in dietary fiber, protein and unsaturated fat, nuts are a very healthy snack. Walnuts can successfully replace foods high in saturated fats, harmful to human body, such as red meat, eggs and dairy foods. In addition, walnuts can reduce your fat deposits in the abdomen. To enjoy all the benefits of nuts, the best is to eat them raw.

5| Walnuts improve diabetes symptoms. Walnuts improve the dilatation of the blood vessels in people with diabetes and reduce the problems related to metabolic syndrome, such as hypertension, cholesterol and obesity.

6| Walnuts stimulates your brain activity. Because they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts are an excellent stimulant for your brain health. The brain is composed mostly of fat, which stimulates the production of new brain cells. Thus, nuts help the brain to function at its peak. In addition, walnuts reduce the risk of hyperactivity, learning and behavior problems.


Walnuts are well known for their severe allergic reactions they can cause. These allergic reactions are immediate and specific as swelling of the lips, itching, eczema, skin rashes, dizziness and nasal congestion. In some cases, reactions can occur later and are accompanied by headaches, depression, insomnia, upset stomach and fatigue.

In addition, nuts are rich in calories, so it is advisable to consume them moderate, no more than 50 grams per day. Walnuts can be eaten raw, simple, and in various soups, salads and desserts.