How to Make Every Day … A Great Hairdressing Day

The secret for a stunning hair is caring to your hair according to its texture.

Straight hair

If your hair is straight, you can thicken it with a round brush. A round brush instantly will give your straight hair extra volume. Anchor the brush at the root of a section of hair, and twirl as you blow dry. The brush curves the hair creating loads of body.

Natural oils can make straight hair appear greasy. For a fast fix, sprinkle baby powder (for blonde-haired women) or salt (for brown-haired women) and gently brush your hair out for a fresher look.

Because your hair has a straight edge at the bottom, split ends are more visible. Trim every six weeks for a sleek and polished look.

Naturally wavy hair

For your naturally wavy hair, you should enhance your waves with a twist. Sea salt sprays are perfect for this type of hair. Moist your hair in a salt spray then twist sections of hair around your fingers creating “ropes”. Blow dry with diffuser. This technique is going to create smoother waves than scrunching in the spray.

If your hair is looking a little frizzy, you should use a keratin shampoo. The bends on wavy hair lift the cuticles up and create dryness. A keratin shampoo will fill the gaps with proteins bringing your waves back to life.

Layers are great for a wavy hair, but your hair needs length to show off its pattern. If you will cut your hair too short, the waves can pop out in bad directions. A good rule of is to not go shorter than your chin in the front and the base of your neck in the back.

Curly hair

When is about curls, timing is what is matters. When your curls are still well, comb through a curl product and twirl individual curls around your fingers. After that, let the curls set for about 10 minutes before drying. This look is in the curls shape.

Curly hair has a dry texture, so it needs the most pampering. Once a week, indulge in an oil treatment or nourishing hair mask; you can make one at home by blending half of an avocado with one tablespoon of olive oil. The oils in these treatments seal down the cuticles on your hair; so your hair will look smoother and less frizzy.

The perfect cut for a curly hair is in one or two layers. Many layers can make a curly hair look puffy, while a few layers break up the hair so it does not look too heavy.

How to speed –dry your hair

If it feels like it takes forever to dry your hair, you can use a metal core brush while you dry. The metal will retain the heat and will help the water to evaporate as it glides through your hair. This way, you will dry your hair in half of time.

Do you know?

  • Women with wavy hair – 40%,
  • Women with straight hair – 30%
  • Women with curly hair – 30%