Sexual Health – Why Libido drops when It’s Cold Outside

A Dminished Libido

Winter affect libido, but paradoxically most babies are conceived in this cold period of the year. Find out why libido drops when it is cold outside, and how you can return to an optimal level for your sexual health.

The cold weather influences in most cases even the passion, and the reason seems to be the slowing of your metabolism.

The causes may be much more complex.

1| Cold Weather and Libido

Low temperatures could awaken some ancient instincts, such as energy conservation, which is especially true in winter. Cold weather eliminate the chance of spontaneous sex outside, and if you shiver even in the bedroom, then it is quite unlikely to have a romantic evening. Romantic evenings in front of the fireplace can counteract low temperatures, but even then, your sexual desire is not always to the highest level.

2| Reduction of Natural Light and Winter Fatigue

Another factor that contributes strongly to changes related to psychic is the reduction of daily sunlight duration. Dreary days of winter do not encourage just as much the production of serotonin, which increases your sexual desire.

The simplest solution to fight low natural lighting is the very bright light bulbs, which have shown their beneficial effect on libido in a study conducted in the United States.

3| Fatigue and Depression

However, the causes of a decreased libido may be even more complex and start from a fall fatigue that is prolonged in the winter. Fatigue and depression, accompanied by less exercise can limit strong your  libido in the cold months.

4| An Unhealthy Diet

A diet high in carbohydrates and fats adopted by many during the winter contribute to a low sex drive, even if the ovaries and sperm quality benefits of a positive impulse in winter.

5| Lifestyle Changes Associated with the Cold Season

Almost all behavioral changes resulting from the change of seasons helps to reduce your libido. From a poor diet to lack of exercise and lack of stimulation provided by natural light, the human body goes through some changes that affect high energy level associated with an active sex life.

Even thick clothing that hides a large part of your body and your partner body will lead to a significant decrease in sexual desire.

How Can You Fight with a Diminished Passion?

1| The best way to increase naturally your libido in winter is an active life. Anywhere, outdoors, at the gym or at home, physical exercises contributes strongly to increase energy levels and the production of serotonin.

2| Supplements of vitamin D or a diet richer in this substance have a good effect on hormone production, which is low in winter, because vitamin D is essential in the production of many important hormones.

3| Travels, even just a romantic weekend, can contribute significantly to increase the libido, but sometimes you can also get good effects only by minor changes in your diet. Eat more honey, along with chocolate, figs, bananas, avocados, almonds and salmon to increase your libido.