Greek People Happiness Secrets that will Work for You

Ancient Greek Couple

Greek Couple Drinking Wine

People from Greek islands are well known for their upbeat attitudes, warmth and their ability to celebrate.

What are their secrets?

1. Celebrate Your Name Day

Greek islanders celebrate their name day. Someone name day is celebrate inside of community with other people who have the same name. As result you count your accomplishments and your blessing instead of counting the candles on your cake.

In conclusion have a name day party invite everyone you know who share the same name, and next time you are at another day party.

2. Eat a “Happy” Meal

People from Greek islands are keeping a traditional and healthy diet: lots of beans and greens, light on meat, a splash of olive oil and a glass of wine. This type of diet allow the digestive system to process a food less fat and more energizing oxygen is sent to your brain ,and more energy means more happiness.

In conclusion add more fruits and vegetables and less fatty foods to your plate.

3. Have a Nice Conversation

Always you should value a lively discussion. Talking about things you care makes you happy.

4. Recharge and Reconnect

Every evening take a walk. Grab the folks nearest your home after dinner and walk around you neighborhood. You will burn calories and you will feel better.

5. Embracing Life

Our life has up and down. When you feel low in energy turn on some music you love and reminded yourself that life is not perfect and is better to put your troubles in perspective.

6. Make New Friends

When you are setting at a long table, at a coffee or a restaurant, take the opportunity and make new friends.

Sometimes you have to let your guard down and take the risks, connect with other people.

The more you extend yourself the easier will be and the happier you will become.