How to Straight Your Immune System

Young Lady on the Beach

Running on the Beach

Fight infection with vitamin D. Research shows that people with higher level of vitamin D in their system have the lowest number of infection. Your body use vitamin D to boost your immunity system. The daily level recommended of vitamin D is 1000 to 1500 IU.

Get enough sleep. People who have enough sleep may never get sick in the first place. During the sleep your body release hormones and that improve your immunity system.

Have a probiotic pill every day or eat food that contains probiotic. A study found that having a daily probiotic cut your risk of developing infection 50%.

Do exercises. Having a walk, a bike ride or go up and down on the stairs, being active at least 15 minutes

every day, cut your risk of illness by 40%. IF you are not a fun of exercise do yoga .Your immunity system release hormones witch fight against bacteria and viruses.

Listen fast music. A new study shows that fast music can fire up your immunity system and lower your risk of disease as much as 40%. Fast music stimulates your brain and clears the way for a flood of health-protection antibodies.

Avoid germs

The number one germs spreaders are pens in stores when you need to sign a receipt or in public places. You can avoid this inconvenient taking a pen with you in your purse.

The second one is the bottle with condiments on the restaurants tables. You can protect yourself catching a cold or maybe worse, using a disinfectant wipe before you pick up the ketchup bottle.

Study shows that cash machines are the most loaded with germs, even more than restrooms. To protect yourself use the corner of your card, not your fingers, to touch the screen machines.