Do Not Let the Cold or Flu Bring You Down & Fight Back with Foods, Supplements and Herbs

It is again that period of year for flu and cold season. Flu symptoms include everything from stuffy nose to muscle aches and these can weaken you. As winter sets in, we are spending more time indoors, increasing our exposure to nasty cold and flu viruses.

Though we are not always able to avoid these common winter illnesses, at least we can fast-track recover and experience symptom relief.

Our immune system needs our help to work at its full capacity.

If our diet is poor, we are working excessive hours, got lack of sleep or we are stress, our immune system will be track down.

We have to help our immune system with supplements that in order to help it and keep the bugs at bay.

Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a cold fighting supplement. It is also an antioxidant. It is water-soluble that why it needs to be taking in our body on a daily basis.

Echinacea.  Echinacea can boost our immunity and is having an anti- infection activity. It is one of the most popular herbs for keeping our system healthy over the winter season. A new study shows that Echinacea is decreasing the risk for a cold by 57%. It is also shortened cold duration by 2-3 days.



Ginger. Ginger can relive the nasal congestion, coughs, and headache; is able to stimulate immune response.



Elderberry. Elderberry is a popular herb in Europe. It is an anti–inflammatory, can be used for all-purpose and help reduce excessive mucus. If you take elderberry syrup several time a day, the flu symptom are going to be quickly relive. The recovery is much faster for the persons who take the syrup compare to those who do not use it.


Zinc. Zinc is a supplement use to boost our immune system. Zinc can reduce the severity and the duration of the cold or flu symptom. Low zinc can affect vitamin a level, a key vitamin important in boosting immunity system.


Garlic. Garlic is an herb use for circulation and immune system. It has a strong smell because of its sulfur compound. Garlic can ease cold symptoms and shorten the duration f cold or flu. If you are sensitive to garlic, you can opt for garlic supplement odor free.

Chicken soup. Chicken soup is an old and traditional natural remedy for flu or cold symptoms. It is going to reduce the duration of cold and can ease the symptom.


Licorice root. Can support immune system and fight various viruses. Reduce the lung congestion and throat irritation.



Andrographis. This herb can lower the fiver and improves several symptoms as headache, cough, sore throat and congestion.