Easy Ways to Increase Your Immunity System and Stay Healthy for Life

We all know that we should exercise more, sleep enough and eat the right food. The problem is we do not have always time to do the right thing for us.

There are many ways, which can help you stay away from diseases, without spending time or money.

If you enjoy drinking your coffee, there is another reason for you to do it

Enjoy a good coffee in the morning. A coffee can improve your reactions and your memory. New research shows that coffee can reduce your risk for cancer too. It seems coffee drinkers have a 35% lower risk for mouth and brain cancer compare to those who do not drink it. It seems caffeine neutralize bad bacteria having a protective effect.


Use beeswax candles

During the holiday, season people are more likely to use more candles. Most kinds of candles emit toxic chemicals when they burn. To avoid this use beeswax candles. They do not emit chemical, but more than that, they purifies the air. When they burn, they emit negative ions that will neutralize toxins as spores mold, bacteria and other pollutants. They might cost you more, but you save your money in a long run.


Switch the way you sleep

Even you are not suffering of sleep apnea, sometimes you can feel a big relief only by switching the way you sleep. Sleeping on your side reduces your chance of sleep apnea by 50%, taking the pressure off your chest and throat. It also quashes snoring by keeping air passages open. Sleeping on your side eliminates snoring by 50%. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, it restricts your breathing and bring pressure on your spine.


Avoid eating soup from a can

New study shows that 90% of aluminum cans contains BPA, connected to cancer disease. The easier way to avoid this is to opt for sops in cartons.



Go back to singing in the shower

When you are singing in the shower your level of stress is lower. Blood flow well and your immunity system increase its activities. The result is more oxygen to your brain cells. It is also regulate your heart rate and relax blood vessels reducing the risk for heart disease or stroke.

A hot shower produce negatives ions that will neutralize your toxins.


Add rosemary to your roast

A too well done roast can cause cancer because its chemicals. If you are going to soak, your meat for one hour in a marinade made with rosemary and thyme before you cook it can cut this risk by 80%. Rosemary contains antioxidants that will neutralize the chemicals.



Use lemon zest

Adding lemon zest to your cooking is not only nice but it also acts as a sunscreen. The compound in lemon, limonene, reduce your risk of skin cancer by 30%. It will even half the grow of existing cancer cells. Use lemon zest for your pudding, cheesecake or favorite cookies.