How to Stay Healthy this Winter

Staying healthy during the winter season can be challenge. If you catch a cold, this can be a great opportunity to stimulate your immunity system.

Recent study shows that when you are outside in the cold temperature, inhaling the cold air, your body is more likely to catch a cold or flu.

The physical stress induces by the cold weather make you get a virus. Stress will make your immune system to response to virus invasion. If you go out in the cold weather with your hair wet, your chance of catching flu dramatically increases.

Chinese medicine considers wind like an invader of your body. When wind get into your body, your vital energy (Qi) is going to be depressed and you can become sick. In a windy weather, they recommend you to protect your nose and mouth; this way you are less susceptible.

When you shake your hands with someone sick, you are more vulnerable to virus invasion; washing your hands is a priority. In addition, you can get a virus indirectly; for example in a bus by touching the pole after a sick person touch it.

At the first symptom of the flu, low-grade fever, you should not take an aspirin. The aspirin will suppress your immune system. Fever lowering medication might be necessary for children.



Hot chicken soup, the old grandma remedies, is going to help you clear your nasal passages. If your soup is cooked from bones and lot of vegetables, you will increase its nutritional value. Drinking hot drinks can be a relief for your sneezing, coughing or runny nose.

You can do physical exercises when you got a cold. Exercises will increase your blood circulation and boost your lymphatic system. Same infections are worse than others are. If your cold becomes serious, go and talk to your doctor.

Sometime supplements can help you to boost your immunity system: vitamins (especially vitamin D), Echinacea or garlic; but before you choose to use a supplements consult your health practitioner.