The Right Diet for 30 Years Old Women

As women approach and reach the age of 30, their bodies need a different type of food, in fact a restriction of some food groups. If by the age of 30 years was allowed to eat all kinds of food (fats, sweets, junk food), from now on, it is recommended the limitation to zero of these products.

30 Years Old Woman

If a woman has crossed the threshold of 30 years is likely to discover that the eating habits which were suited to 20 years are no longer compatible with her ​​body at this point in life. From now on, proper diet consists of a healthy lifestyle, i.e. in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein.

Changes specific to the age of 30 years

From the time a woman reaches 30 years, her metabolism begins to slow, according to dietitians and studies over time. By now the body begins to produce more fat and muscle mass is in a slight decrease. Also, from now the bone mass will continue to decline and the body’s ability to strengthen the bones will become more limited. From this point of view it is absolutely necessary to integrate in diet of foods that contribute strongly to strengthen bones and muscles.

Hence a woman of 30 years should consume daily yogurt, sour cream, milk (with low-fat) and cheese. All dairy products should be consumed daily as natural, without added fruit or other ingredients that alter the taste of food.

Also, it is recommended to consume foods rich in protein (turkey, lean pork, beef, herring, salmon etc.). These food groups will maintain a strong muscle mass.

The appropriate calorie number

As she ages, the female body needs fewer calories. In addition, her metabolism works more slowly, and she will make a greater effort to burn them. In accordance with the advice of nutritionists, a woman aged 30 years should consume up to 2000 calories per day if she has an active lifestyle and 1,800 calories per day if sedentary. Each woman must carefully calculate the number of calories consumed, so to avoid gaining some extra pounds.

Calcium consumption

An appropriate amount of calcium is essential for a woman of 30 years. The lack of calcium in the body is the beginning of the decrease of bone density for women of 30 years. Even though she looks young and fresh on the outside, inside the body undergoes dramatic changes.

A poor diet will definitely have a something to say in such situation. The consumption of beverages containing caffeine and sodas will also have a powerful effect (negative) in terms of the skeletal system.

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