Maintaining Your New Weight

Keeping Your new weight

Maintaining Your Weight

There are times in your life when you do not want to lose weight or to gain weight, only simply you want to maintain your current weight.

It is known, after dieting, the harder it is to keep your weight on track and not quickly return to the old one.

There are some basic principles:

After a diet is not recommended to revert to old habits; sooner or later you will recover lost weight.
You should know, there is no miracle pill to help you keep your weight after diet if you return to the old lifestyle;
It is required to change your lifestyle in an active lifestyle;
Any weight loss diet must be followed by a mandatory by a maintenance diet.

Some steps are recommended to maintain your new healthier weight:

1. Calorie Controlled Diet:

Once you reach your target (the desired weight), add 250 calories a day to your existing daily calorie intake. This means if you’ve been having 1,250 calories each day, you should now have 1,500 calories a day. After another week, weight yourself and if you lost more weight, add another 250 calories and another 250 calories after another week. The total of 2,000 calories it is maybe the amount of calories you need each day to keep your new slim. Weight yourself and if the weight is established that is the amount of calories to maintain the weight.

Also, eating foods high in water such as soups, vegetables or fruit can help you to keep the proportion of calories that you have set it after diet.

Control your food portion size and stay away from foods high in fats.

2. Compliance with an Established Food Plan:

If you have completed a weight loss diet and you get used to a healthy and balanced food style, then do not hesitate to continue and not to deviate from it. Try to deal with temptations of the holidays, restaurants and events.

3. Stay Active:

Middle Age CoupleYou need to stay active and mobile. Start jogging every morning and do things that require you to burn energy. Do activities that require walking and getting up from your chair. Being active and daily exercise is an easy way to maintain your weight and stay in shape.

4. Always Take Your Breakfast:

Maybe, breakfast is the success key in many weigh loss diets. It is essential not to skip the first meal of the day and avoid excessive consumption of food throughout the day.

5. Speed Up Your Metabolism:

Getting a lot of fiber into your diet helps. Also drinking Green Tea daily really boosts your metabolism. Virgin Coconut Oil helps your burn energy.

6. Frequent Meals in Small Quantities:

Take 5 meals a day and eat every 3-4 hours, so you never hunger not afford to install. But do not ever exceed the number of calories that you set for a meal. DO NOT eat after 18 o’clock at night. However, if you get hungry eat a fruit or a yogurt diet.

7. Regular Monitoring of Your Weight:

Keeping your weight under control is essential. If you discover that you “took” a few pounds cannot be explained by normal weight fluctuations, do not panic! Come back for a few days to diets, until you achieve desired weight.

8. Drink Plenty of Water:

Drink 8-10 glass of water daily. Drinking a lot of water will boost your metabolic rate and will flush out toxins. DO NOT drink soda or alcohol.

9. Positive Attitude:

Adopt a positive attitude! The first step to success is to think you can do that.

Remember: you control the situation! You worked hard to get rid of excess weight and have the power to do it again whenever needed!