The Truth about Aphrodisiacs & Plants for Passion

From ancient times, people have tried to improve their sex life, using plants drinks, spices and foods known as aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are those substances that can increase the sexual desire. The definition is coming from the Greek name of goddess who protects the sex life, Aphrodite.

First aphrodisiacs were chosen for their similitude with female or male sexual organs: bananas, avocados, oysters or connected to the male virility such tiger penis and horn rhinoceros.

In our modern days, the most required pharmaceuticals are Levitra, Cialis and Viagra. These drugs are not really, aphrodisiacs, they address only, to male erection.

Like any drugs, these can have side effects too. Before you try to use them, consult your doctor.

                   Panax Ginseng

Chinese people have used ginseng to improve their health, to boost their energy and to improve sexual function (sexual desire and performance).


                  Yohimbe Extract

This plant was used in Africa for its aphrodisiac properties.

In North America is coming under prescription drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction. You should be aware of its side effects.

Your blood pressure can go high and your heartbeat can increase; do not use Yohimbe extract without consulting your doctor first.


Maca is Peruvian plant and is a boost libido for both sexes: women and men.

Maca is use as food and is very well tolerated; maca is not going to change your hormones level, it is increasing your sexual desire.

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Saffron is been proven to improve the libido in men and in women as well. Other spices like nutmeg or sage are not yet involved in any study; same of these spices can have a bad reaction with your medication so, you should consult your doctor before you start using them in your foods.

The top of the list for food related to falling in love or being in a love mood is champagne and chocolate.


In fact, everything is happening in your mind, you are going to feel good without any inhibition. You are and you feel in the way you are thinking.

You should remember that, there no super food or aphrodisiac that can replace a healthy life style.

If at some point your libido is low because you are very tired, than you should relax and have a good sleep before you doubt your sexual performance.

When your stress level is high, you should consider a yoga practice or anything else that can make you to relax and enjoy your sex life again.

Physical exercise can improve your sex life too. When you are working out, you are going to feel more attractive and you are more likely to share that feeling with opposite sex.

Do not deprive yourself of good food, try to balance your diet; avoid processed food or low in nutrients.

Communication is the key. Talk open to your partner about what you feel and what you want. Food or aphrodisiacs are not going to replace the connection you should have with your partner.