Smart Ideas to Improve your Health

a) Stay indoors. To sidestep migraines a good idea is to stay indoors on windy days. Wind is responsible for altering the balance of positive and negative charged molecules in the air. They can affect your brain’s biochemistry in the same way that can trigger a migraine attack.

b) Talking can help. It been proven that group therapy can help up to 90% of men with erectile dysfunction, so taking part in a group can help.


c) Hypnosis helps. A European study found that hypnosis relives, and often eliminate, pain, constipation and diarrheic symptoms for 85% of patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

d) Apples and cholesterol. If you are eating one apple every day, you can reduce your risk for high cholesterol by 25%. The fiber and the antioxidants contains in apples help remove the waxy substance from your bloodstream before it accumulate as plaque in your arteries.

e) Eat tomatoes. Eating tomatoes can help you fight heart disease. One heaping cup of tomatoes daily lowers your risk of developing damaging inflammation in your arteries by 35%.

f) Zinc helps. You can shorten the duration of your cold by 40% if you sucking on lozenges containing zinc acetate.