Smart Ideas that Will Get You Healthier

1.  Protect teens ‘ears The second hand smoke exposure can affect the blood flow to the inner ear and the risk to develop hearing loss in children age 11 to 18 is high.

2.Test your level of vitamin D New research revealed that bone-building drugs work better having high level of vitamin D.

3. Make your menu simple If your meal has a variety of color, there is the risk to become distracted from the moment you will feel full. You will have the risk of consuming more calories by 45%.

4. Take a hot shower After exercising, it is better for you to have a hot shower alternating with a cool one, do this every two minutes for a total of ten minutes shower. This will help you to reduce the post-workout muscle soreness.

5. Steam your cabbage The best way to cook your cabbage is to steam it, microwave or just stir-fry, do not boil it. If you boil your cabbage, you are going to lose 60% of its powerful preventive cancer substances.

6. Give milk to your children Give milk to your children after their exercise. Milk will help their organism to recover sodium lost in sweat and helps the body to retain fluid better

7. Drink spearmint tea Women who drank this tea two times a day, for a week had lower levels of hormones linked to acne and unwanted hair.

8. Use natural migraine treatment A new herbal supplement (lipigesic) made with feverfew and ginger, can relives the migraine pain by 60%within two hours.

9. Dumbbells can help you to reduce your chronic neck pain by 65% You should refer to a therapist who can teach you the proper way to do it.

10. Walk barefoot Walk barefoot around your house as much as possible. It is a very good way to cut the stress and impact on your knees by 14%. This is a good exercise to prevent osteoarthritis too.