How to Make Your Hair Look Gorgeous During the Holiday‘s Season

If you want your hair to look gorgeous all the holiday’s season, just follow a few tricks.

How to have a touch of color

For just a touch of color, you can try “fancy feather extensions“. You can do it yourself at home; it is very easy, just using a clip-on feather.

First step is to decide where to place the feather in your hair. You have to take in consideration that you will need a top layer of your hair to cover the clip.

The second step is to open your mini clip and clamp it as close as the roots are; and the style is guaranteed.


How to have a modern look

For a modern look, you can try a “baby braid“. First, you have to create a shallow side part. Second, take a small section near the hairline and braid it to the end; secure it with elastic. Third, gather all of your hair, including the braid, into a ponytail. After that, you have just to secure it with tiny elastic.



How to have a romantic look

To have a romantic look you can try “mermaid waves”. To have large and smooth waves you have to wrap your hair around a curling iron. First, brush in a silicon serum to give your hair a smooth and glossy texture. Second, take a medium sized section of hair and place the curling iron vertically mid-shaft. After that, wrap your hair clockwise around your iron, while you leave an inch for the bottom out. Hold it for 8 seconds, than realize it.

You have to repeat this operation throughout your all hair. After you did all your sections, let your hair to cool and gently brush out your waves.

How to have an elegant look

With this hairstyle, “twist and pin knots”, you are going to look very elegant and it going to seams very elaborate, but in fact is simple to do it. First, you have to brush your hair back. Second, take a medium piece of hair from the side and twist it as you move toward the back of your head Coil and loop it close to your scalp; secure it with a bobby pin.

Repeat the same operation on your other side of your head. You have to alternate the sides until your hair is all up in the top.

Be gorgeous all the holiday’s season!