What Not To Eat When You Come From Gym

In the Park after Gym

After Gym

All we want to have a beautiful body, toned and healthy and that is why more and more of us are beginning to realize the true importance of sport. You should go to the gym at least twice a week if you want to be fit and achieve the best results. But, what we do usually when we get back from the gym?

Often you have the tendency to satisfy your small cravings without taking in consideration the caloric content of foods or the fact that you eat after 6 pm, and all this on the ground that “you do sports”. Let’s see what you should not to eat when you get back from the gym:


Tomatoes, Green Onion, Parsley, Cabbage

Fresh Raw Vegetables

At first sight, it seems incredible. How can vegetables be a forbidden food after a few hours of exercise. It is natural to remain surprised, when you see raw vegetables on the list of forbidden foods. The explanation is simple. While vegetables have high nutritional value, they still are not enough to keep your body in shape. It is more preferable to eat instead, yogurt, humus, peppers and baby carrots to regain your energy.



Pretzel Snack

Salty snacks such as pretzels or chips are not good for your body, not to mention that the presence of salt in your body causes water retention and this would be the last thing you want to happen when you come back from the gym. Eating a bagel with natural seeds is enough. To take your salt intake required we strongly suggest to eat a bagel with natural seeds, can provide the necessary input of salt that your body needs.

Olive Pizza



Pizza is probably the unhealthiest thing you could eat it after coming back from the gym, besides being high in calories, salt and fat. If you cannot deal with your craving, try to opt for a slice of vegetarian pizza.

CHOCOLATE & CANDIES Lollipops, candies, toffees and different kinds of chocolate are not recommended after room. They have a high-calorie content and the risk to put back everything you took off is huge. But, fortunately is an alternative, and many doctors and nutritionists recommend it after gym. Drink chocolate milk, but only in small quantities.


Three Kinds of Donuts


It is not a big surprise that these “guilty pleasures” are on the list of foods you should not eat after coming back from the gym. They have a high-calorie and also high sugar content that affect your blood flow. For sure donuts are in top of the list of the most harmful food.

SHAKES Shakes are very misleading and you need to know very well what they contain before drinking them. However, if you are craving for a refreshing shake after coming back from the gym, the better it would be to prepare your own. All you need is a blender and fruits. Shakes that are largely commercially available are also made with fruit juice, but you could use milk instead. In this way, you can be sure that your shake will be absolutely delicious and healthy.