Dr. Oz and the Signs on Your Face

American Doctor

According to Dr. Oz, the signs on your face show what kind of diseases you suffer. And in fact, this is the truth. Most times, your diseases can be read on your face. For example, puffiness and dark circles are not only unsightly marks on your face, but hidden symptoms of diseases that you perhaps have not discovered yet.

The famous American surgeon Dr. Oz helps you decipher the messages that your face shows, depending on the transformations and changes that you can see every day when you look in the mirror.

Historically, the diagnosis of diseases by analyzing facial features is an ancient Chinese method that dates back more than 3000 years. Taoist monks have been the first to associate marks on the face with various health problems, and their findings are used even today in the East, where doctors identify up to 70% of the diseases, just looking to the patient’s face.

Dr. Oz is also convinced that the facial features are important milestones in finding a correct diagnosis, according to traditional Chinese medicine. According to this theory, each side of the face reflects how each organ works: lips are associated with the digestive system, cheeks with lungs, eyebrows with liver, chin with bladder, etc.

But in fact, let’s see what Dr. Oz says about the signals sent by your face regarding your health.

Allergic Reactions

When you suffer an allergic reaction, you can easily diagnose your physical condition, controlling your lower eyelid. If you see small bumps, then indeed you have an allergic reaction. These bumps have a “stoned” look, and means that you’re exposed to something that you are allergic. Also, Dr. Oz completes that eye inflammations, and “fuzzy” eyelids can indicate either an allergic reaction or infection in the sinuses.

Vitamin B Deficiency

How do you know that you have to supplement B vitamin intake? The answer is simple. Checking if you have small cracks appeared in the corners of the mouth. The same problem is manifested by sores in the mouth and tongue. Dr. Oz recommends you, to immediately consume leafy vegetables in dark shades and to take a B complex multivitamin supplement.

High Cholesterol

When you see a whitish-gray ring around the cornea, then you have a very high level of bad cholesterol in the body. This circle is actually an accumulation of lipids (fats) in the edges of the cornea. Dr. Oz says this is a sign that you need to control your cholesterol by eliminating saturated fats from your diet and the introduction of healthier ones, such as the famous omega-3 fatty acids from fish and seeds.

Cardiac Disorders

It is an interesting fact pointed out by Dr. Oz. When you have a vertical fold of on the ear lobe, then you have, at least 33% more chances of developing heart disease. The explanation is not and cannot be a clear explanation, but experts believe that genetic factors that cause wrinkling of the outer part of the ears are the same that predispose people to heart disease.

Other Face Signs that Indicate Diseases

Besides the symptoms mentioned above by Dr. Oz, traditional Chinese medicine also includes other signs of human face associated with various diseases:

  1. yellowed skinspleen and stomach works slowly;
  2. gray skinkidney problems;
  3. – a puckered space between the eyebrows – diseases of the lymphatic system;
  4. vascularized eyebrowshyperactive nervous system;
  5. pale facelung diseases;
  6. – bags under the eyeskidney disease;
  7. blackened lips: renal dysfunction / spleen;
  8. – black mole between lip and nose: high levels of toxins in the body;
  9. – greenish hueface – liver problems;

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