How Your Body Shape Holds Clues to Your Personality and Your Health

The ancient Chinese believed that “Qi”, or energy, flows differently through human body depending on the body type.

Moreover, because energy can affect everything from your mood to your temperament, your body shape form: apple, pear, hourglass or column, can shed light on what you are on inside, and it is a hint of a few health issues.

1. The Charismatic Pear.

She carries weight in her hips and thighs while her upper-body remains slender; she has a pear shape.

Outgoing and charming, she has the star power.

She is that kind of woman who loves the limelight and uses her charm to attract people for a good cause.

If there is a bake sale at school, she will want to be the chairperson, if there is a fund raising party, she will want to be at her home.

Her figure’s health benefit – her brain is very sharp.

The fat that is depositing around her hips and thighs is high in omega 3 healthy fats. Her brain is less susceptible to depression or Alzheimer disease.

2. The Energetic Column.

The column body’s straight up and down and it does not gain weight.

This type of woman may have a statuesque figure and she is very stylish. Her energy flows through freely leading her to several projects in the same time. She is moving all the time and she burns many calories.

Her slender hips and frame point to a greater stamina. The ability to do it all-from exercise to different projects keeps her young on the cellular level. She has a lot of energies to spare and her brain is very healthy.

3. The Personable Apple.

She seems always to know what others are thinking, and she is using this talent to choose gifts for her family.

She is intuitive and sensitive and she uses her spoon people skills to negotiate challenges; she makes friends easily.

Because those qualities she resist very well at stress. The hormones responsible for depositing fat around her waist are the same ones that make her stress resistant. She will not develop illness like ulcers or cancer.

4. The Confident Hourglass.

She is curvy, with waist smaller compare to her hips.

Very proportionate and symmetrical is represent the perfect balance; she is very passionate and confidante following the right instincts. Her health benefit is her strong heart. The perfect proportion of estrogens helps her keeping the normal level of cholesterol and keeps her away from heart disease.